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The Shanmac’s are such an adorable little family.  Their main request for their photo shoot was that it be at the International Test Rose Gardens in NW Portland Oregon, and that we do a few shots on a particular bench in the park.  They have had engagement/anniversary photos on the same bench in previous years and thought it could be a fun tradition to keep going with their little one.  I loved the colors of the flowers with the bright and light pinks of their clothing.


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Monique & Jamal’s wedding was earlier this year in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach CA, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect wedding to kick off our 2015 season with!  They had us come down to LA last Summer for their engagement session, and we had a wonderful time getting to know them.  They chose Loyola Marymount University as the location for their engagement photos because it’s such a pretty campus and has great views of the city.  Unfortunately it was a little smoggy in the city this day, so visibility was pretty low, but it was still gorgeous!  I loved both of their outfits, and how they incorporated their wedding colors (blue & purple) into their first outfit.  We walked all over the campus and found so many interesting spots for the pictures.  They are so clearly in love and naturals in front of the camera, I could have photographed them all day if they would have let me!



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I just found this fun family session in my drafts folder and realized it never posted to the blog!  So, here you go!  This gorgeous family of 7 wanted a photo shoot before they moved to Africa for mission work, so we headed up to Forest Park and shot around the Veteran’s Memorial Park and Hoyt Arboretum.  They were the sweetest family ever:)


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