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We love it when opportunities arise where traveling to beautiful places is necessary for a shoot!  The Wilkinson family deserves nothing less than the gorgeous background of Pacific City Oregon to shape their family photos.  The Wilkinson’s carry a laid back yet energetic energy which makes for a seamless shoot (proven by the photographs!).  I love the varying landscapes around the coast, like the long stretches of sand, the tall grass, the rough rocks that invite you to climb on without a care, and I think we hit them all here.  The family’s gorgeous smiles are what make these photographs shine.  You can’t beat a sunset like that!  Thank you Wilkinson family for this captivating session!

Crystal Genes Photography130907-190434_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-190658_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-190906bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-191054bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-191404_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-191654-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-192040-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-192649_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-192947_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-193004_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-193127_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-193600_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-193959_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-194122_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-195253_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-195630_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-195705bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-200056_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-200102_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-200320bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-200325_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130907-200622_WEB

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What makes for a successful afternoon?  Blue tutu’s, trendy stripes, a rose garden, and one sweet family!  For this family  photo shoot at the International Test Rose Gardens in Washington Park in Portland Oregon, the Moloney family showed us their sweet and fun side while prancing in the grass and getting lost in the garden.  It was a day to stop and smell the roses!  The Moloney’s were such a delight and easy to work with which shows in the photos below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Crystal Genes Photography130904-182601 (2)_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-182819_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-182930-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-183317_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-183437_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-183611bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-183702_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-183824_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-184037-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-184122bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-184346_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-184845_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-185155_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-185910_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-190104_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-190347_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-190521_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-190716bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-190936_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-191034_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-191522_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-191657_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-191912_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-191926_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130904-192246_WEB

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It was a gorgeous sunny day for Rachel & Eric’s wedding at Heisen House Vineyards in Battle Ground Washington.  The venue was such an adorable little winery out in the country, with a HUGE pecan tree next to all the grapevines, under which the couple married.  It was perfect.  All the guests spread out on quilts in the yard, underneath the tree, to watch the ceremony, and afterwards headed to the barn for the party.  There was so much love and friendship radiating throughout the whole day, and Rachel & Eric both looked stunning in white.  Such a great looking couple!   We were so happy to be a part of the day and wish them all the best!

Be sure to watch the slideshow below for the full story of their day, then scroll down to see some of my favorite images from the day.  Many thanks to Robb for capturing video for the slideshow!  Enjoy!

Crystal Genes Photography140719-150442a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-151816bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-151944_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-152646_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-155106bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-155753bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-155920_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-160544_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-161606_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-162059_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-165245_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-165252bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-165442_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-170337_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-172437_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-173705_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-173829_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-180537_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-182541_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-182916_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-183101_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-185038_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-185537_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-185747_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-185931_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-191007_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-191126-2bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-193035_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-193136bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-202607_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-203418_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-203723bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-204511_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-205316bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-205548_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140719-212027bw_WEB
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Heisen House Vineyards

Photography – Crystal Genes Photography

Videography – Robb Cummings Media


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A sun filled afternoon surrounded by nature’s best backdrop: water falls, treas and green rolling hills in the distance.  This made for the perfect backdrop for the adorable Adcock family photoshoot in Camas, WA.  Dressed in matching white tees and classic denim, this family fills the frame with true Pacific Northwest style and charm.  The Adcocks were able to show off their adventurous side while scaling rocks over a trickling creek.  We loved photographing this  family in this rustic yet serene landscape!


Crystal Genes Photography130823-182105_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-182655_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-183146_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-183720_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-184601_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-185040_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-185821_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-190031_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-190415_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-190444bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-190515_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-190859a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography130823-191019a_WEB

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