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This wedding was so sweet! And colorful! And fun! Karen & Michael got married in the backyard of Michael’s Aunt & Uncle’s house in Tigard OR, just outside of Portland. Their yard was amazingly gorgeous. Such a garden sanctuary, and it had the perfect amount of space and just the right structure for hosting a wedding. I loved Karen’s style for everything from the color schemes, to the diy details, to her beautiful lace dress.  Laura Alford did a fantastic job on Karen’s hair and makeup.  They even had a Brick Oven brought out by Big O’s Pizza to make pizza for dinner (highly recommend, it was delicious)!  It was such a relaxed day… perfect wedding ceremony, fun party, awesome friends, and the sweetest family. Best wishes to you both for many happy years!

Watch their slideshow below for the wedding day story, and then scroll down to see some of my top favorite images from the day:)

Crystal Genes Photography140802-124403a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-124731a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-130645a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-130920bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-131715a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-132701bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-134620a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-135033a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-140648a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-140717bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-142807bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-143127bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-143200a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-143559bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-153528a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-165906a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-170925a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-171252-2a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-171332bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-172026a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-172959a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-173904a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-174647bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-175802a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-175824a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-183233a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-183432bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-183515a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-190729a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-191800bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-193259a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-193533bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-194233a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-201534a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-202251bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-202425bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-202659bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-202828bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-202944a_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140802-204843bw_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140802-205004bw_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140802-204850a_WEB

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