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Tutus, giant balloons, presents, picnics, and sunshine!  Oh, and a first taste of cake!  What better way to celebrate an adorable little girl’s first birthday?  I met up with this sweet family at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland OR for some first birthday portraits as well as some family photos.  It was such a beautiful Spring day and the lighting was so sparkly.  We played with balloons, danced, opened a present, and then at the end, Ashlyn had some of her first cake.  I think she liked it!


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Need some ideas on fresh and fun color combos for your upcoming Spring portraits?   Just read below!  The photos represent a couples or engagement style of session, but really you could incorporate these colors and outfits into any type of photo shoot, whether it be family, kids, or a just because session.  Feel free to Pin your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards:)



pantone lucite green and glacier grey overalls what to wear engagement 2015pantone custard yellow and glacier grey what to wear with yellow skirt pantone lucite green and classic blue what to wear spring 2015 engagement couplespantone scuba blue and glacier grey what to wear spring 2015 for engagement couples photos with fun ombre sweaterpantone tangerine and aquamarine with sunny polka dot dress - what to wear for spring 2015 engagement couples photospantone marsala and toasted almond - what to wear for spring 2015 engagement couples photospantone strawberry ice and aquamarine - what to wear spring 2015 for engagement couples photos - fun overallspantone custard yellow and classic blue what to wear engagement session with cute floral dress and yellow tights

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Awww, here’s one of my favorite families:) And I’m not just partial because it’s my boyfriend’s sister & fam!  Little Hazen is just so adorable and the most mellow kid I’ve met.  Seriously, these were the easiest 2 year old portraits I’ve ever taken.  We headed down to South East Portland for a session at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens which is prettiest this time of year when all the azaleas and similar plants are blooming pinks and purples.  It was a perfect sunny Spring day.  Enjoy!

Crystal Genes Photography150327-170610_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-170846_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-170910_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171011bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171012_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171059-2a_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171222bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171236_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171328a_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-171907_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-172406_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-172629bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-172737_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-172746_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-172927_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-172935bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173239_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173313bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173404_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173509_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173518_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173834_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-173932a_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-174513_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-174528_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-174727bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-174940bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175151bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175154_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175237_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175243bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175338_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175440_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175827_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-175959_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150327-180540_stomped

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Forever trying to catch up on my blogging (I literally have 100+ sessions to blog!), today I bring you the gorgeous Sami (my new cousin!) & her bridal portrait shoot.  I still find it strange that out here in the Western parts of the country, most brides don’t even know what a bridal session is, even though it is such a tradition back in the Southeast.  Maybe one day it will catch on out here.  It’s a great opportunity to have a “trial run” in your dress before the big day.  You can see what alterations might still need to be done, you can test out your bridal makeup and hair (or do something completely different if you’re torn about what you want), and you can even do a trial run with your florist.  Plus, what girl doesn’t need an excuse to wear that gorgeous dress more than once?!  Another common reason bridal sessions are scheduled is so that the bride has a beautiful portrait of herself to give to her mother (the portrait is often displayed at the wedding reception and then gifted).  If any of my Portland brides want to chat about a bridal session, send me a note!

Anyway… I met up with Sami at her parent’s home in the Porter’s Neck Country Club for her bridal portraits.  They have such a beautiful home and yard, so we just stayed around their property.  Loved the colors of the brick and front door in the last images!


Crystal Genes Photography140924-141803bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-141829_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-142727_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-143411_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-143614bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-144356_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-144527_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-144901_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-150003_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-150235_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-151512_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-151900_stompedCrystal Genes Photography140924-152153bw_stomped

Getting married?  We travel worldwide!  Click here to view more photos on our Portland OR Wedding Photographers website and send us a note!

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Congrats Becca!  Many of you may recognize this lovely lady as she was my intern last Summer and helped on many of your portrait sessions.  Unfortunately she couldn’t stay an intern forever and she headed back up to Vancouver Canada where she is a photography student at Emily Carr University.  Fortunately she’s a good student and will be graduating this year:) So, we headed out to one of my favorite locations in Portland, Hoyt Arboretum, and had a little fun taking some college senior portraits for her when she was back in town on her last school break.




Graduating?  Check out more work on our portland or college and high school senior portrait photographers website!

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