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Eeeeee!  I was so excited to photograph this wedding!  Michelle is the youngest of 3 siblings… the last of the 3 to get married in the past 5 years… AND I was there to photograph all 3 of their weddings (See their weddings here Kim & AlanBobby & Molly)!  It makes me so happy to have been able to capture the day for these two… I knew their wedding was going to be gorgeous and fun.  We flew out to NC from Portland and then drove down to Charleston for the weekend festivities.  During the weekend we also photographed their rehearsal dinner, manned the photobooth, and did an adorable family shoot for Kim & Alan (the first of the siblings’ weddings that I photographed!) so be sure to check back here over the coming days to see more of those!

First… here’s a slideshow of a TON of my favorite photos from their wedding day… Watch it for the full story!  Then scroll down to see a lot of my personal favorites from the wedding day.


Okay, now for some of my top favorite shots from the day!  Ryan and Michelle started their day at separate houses on Isle of Palms in Charleston, SC where they got ready with their wedding parties, then everyone headed over to Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens for the ceremony and reception festivities.  They were married in front of the gorgeous plantation home, surrounded by the gardens, and then partied all night at the Cotton Dock by the waterfront.  It was the most beautiful and unique venue!  Be sure to check back here soon to see more images from their photobooth and rehearsal dinner!

Crystal Genes Photography140926-091425bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-091715_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-092846_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-094253_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-101231_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-102612bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-102633bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-102727_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-103045-2bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-103234_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-103349bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-104305_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-105732_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-110301_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-113812bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-113834_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-114052_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-124057_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-124436bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-125409_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-125800_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-130837_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-130913_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-131416_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-132434_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-133201_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-133925_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-134404bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-135004_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-141231_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-141320_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-141412_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-141529_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-141710_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-142046_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-142208_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-142250bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-142359_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-142714bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-142856bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-143320bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-143723_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-144017_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-144320_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-145122bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-151715_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-152842_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-153521_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-153532bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-153727_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140926-154013bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-154522_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-155335_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-160940bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-161036_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-162232bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-162511_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-171739bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-172129_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-172913_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-173302bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-173655bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-175616bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-175627_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-175645_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-175740bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-180432bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-181407_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-181438_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-181725_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-181746bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-183055bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-183140bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-185644_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-190142bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-191149_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-191229bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-191433_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-191714_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-191813bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-194728_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140926-194855_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-195724bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-195758_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140926-195852bw_WEB




Venue – Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens – Charleston, SC

Wedding Planner – Holly Simpson – A Charelston Event

Hair & Makeup – Jill McCabe – Allure Salon

Florals – Debbie Mock – Country & Lace


Officiant – Greg Mason

Ceremony Musician – Sean Trainor

Photography – Crystal Genes Photography

Videography –  Nowsay Films

Catering & Bar Service – Relish

DJ  Entertainment & Transportation – Burt Lawson – Finger Snap

Rentals – Snyders

Cake – Publix

Lighting & Draping – Charleston Uplighting


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Another beautiful fall day in Cathedral Park! For this family session we played in the leaves and hung out in the grass. I loved these girls coordinating their cardigans. These four obviously have a lot of love for each other, and it really shows in their photos. Here are some of my favorites from the session:


Crystal Genes Photography131123-152241bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-152628_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-152846_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-152937_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-153040_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-153157_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-153318_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-153516_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-153758_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-154217_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-154412_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-154634_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-155136_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-155818-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-155912_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-160430_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-161032-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-161213_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131123-161331_WEB

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Paul & Jeanine were married in Jeanine’s sister’s gorgeous back yard in southwest Portland.  It was a beautiful day and the tree they were married under was so sweet.  They were married a little earlier in the day than many of our ceremonies, with a little brighter sunlight, which was a fun change to work with.  The shadows from the tree they were under allowed for a little more dappled and interesting moody lighting.  It was such a relaxed afternoon and all the guests were such a pleasure to be around and work with!  Paul & Jeanine are just the cutest!  They started with a first look in the greenhouse, and then went right into their ceremony.  They didn’t want many of the traditional wedding events, but really wanted to focus on the ceremony and a relaxed gathering of their closest friends and family, which I loved.  We had a chance to photograph a few of the families around the back yard too!  I wish them all the best and many happy years!

Watch their slideshow below for a full story of the day and then scroll down to see a few of my favorite images from the day!



Crystal Genes Photography140920-161702_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-161719bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-161854_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-161958_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162029bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162351_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162414bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162447bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162554_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162751_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-162921_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163018_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163050_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163228_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163343bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163442_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163600_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-163758_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-164051_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-164054bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-164354bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-164501_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-165340_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-165405bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-165624_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-165913_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-170014bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-170024bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-170533bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-170651bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171010_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171046bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171442bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171450_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171505_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171623_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-171637_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-172047_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-172715bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-172919_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-172945_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-173040bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-173112bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-173259_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-173624_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-174040bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-174103_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-174247_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-175107_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-175543_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-175657_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-180611_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-180635_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-180710bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-180816_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-181109bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-181153bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-181650_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-181936bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-182136_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-182450_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography140920-182538_WEB

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The Buckner family wanted to get some family portraits done before their second little one arrived!  We headed to Cathedral Park in North Portland for some quick shots of this growing family. My personal favorite is the first one, love dad kissing baby bump and mom kissing big brother!


Crystal Genes Photography131118-153520-2bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-153808_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-153946bw_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-154007_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-154211-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-154226_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-154534-2_WEB
Crystal Genes Photography131118-154827_WEB

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