A Brand New List – 101 goals in 1001 days, ready, set, go! {Personal Post}

I can’t believe I’m writing this list again for the second time.  Many of the 101 goals I set to complete in the first 1001 days were really random and out there, but to my surprise were completed nonetheless.  Click here to see the old list.  So once again, I’m putting some currently unrealistic goals on the new list.  I’m also bringing over a few of the goals from the old list that were never completed, and some that I enjoyed and want to do again.  I’m excited to see where the next 1001 days take us, but hopefully it will go by a little slower than the last 1001!

start date : December 1, 2011

end date : August 27, 2014 (someone good at math wanna check me on this date?)

  1. Get addicted to running and/or biking
  2. Wake up the first time my alarm clock goes off
  3. Go to Mexico and stay in an all-inclusive resort
  4. Go to New York in December with mom
  5. Take our official honeymoon in Disney World
  6. Read at least 1 book a month front to back (personal or business) (0/33) 
  7. Read 10 classics that I’ve never read (1/10) (Great Gatsby – December 2011, …)
  8. Write in a journal at least once a week
  9. Do at least 50 sit-ups a day
  10. Take a ride on a sail boat
  11. Learn to really play the Banjo that is hiding in my closet
  12. Brush up on my Russian
  13. Get addicted to water
  14. Go fishing/boating with dad in the ocean
  15. Throw a party
  16. Buy a house
  17. Host a dinner party
  18. Finish visiting the 50 states (alaska, hawaii, louisiana, north dakota)
  19. Be a guest at a wedding (I’ve been verbally invited to a wedding next June, yay!)
  20. Pay off both of our school loans
  21. Simplify home and work
  22. Move to a new city that we love
  23. Successfully root the business in said city within the first year
  24. Get/feel healthy
  25. Have at least one baby!
  26. Take a course at Penland School with Ben
  27. Go to Russia again – preferably for a volunteer program at an orphanage… or to photograph a wedding!
  28. Read the entire Bible
  29. Transition to a paperless office
  30. Play on a softball team
  31. Get my teeth professionally whitened
  32. Buy a Wii and Wii Fit or Kinect
  33. Learn to boat and get a boating license
  34. See a concert at the Grand Ole Opry
  35. Outsource more areas of my business
  36. Become CPR certified
  37. Ride in a hot air balloon
  38. Pay for someone’s order behind me in the drive-thru
  39. Give out 1 business card a day
  40. Read The Princess Bride
  41. Visit Kat and go with her to Cameroon
  42. Go to the Hog Hollerin Contest
  43. Go to the Fainting Goat Festival
  44. Go to the Redneck Olympic Games
  45. Eliminate the use of plastic bags while shopping
  46. Get a real mud bath
  47. Finish my Letters book
  48. Have an inspiring morning routine
  49. Stay at the Hostel in the Forest in Georgia
  50. Buy a 24-70mm lens
  51. Grow more of our own food – have a greenhouse
  52. Juice on a regular basis
  53. Cut down energy use (unplug everything when not in use)
  54. Design and order our wedding albums/parent albums
  55. Help Ben start a design division
  56. Help Sara S. plan her wedding 😉
  57. Feel inspired and energized by my work space and home space
  58. Go to WPPI again
  59. Go to a new workshop locally (if any) & somewhere else
  60. Get published in 3 different magazines
  61. Get featured on lots of wedding blogs 🙂
  62. Visit Savana & John Hunter in the Florida Keys
  63. Have a separate business space of some sort… building attached or detatched from home, or lease a space
  64. Have a designated outdoor shooting space as well as a studio space
  65. Take more time on ME in the mornings… slow down


I’m leaving it there for now and will add to it as I think of new things.

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