Abi & Darrell – Married! {Marietta Columbia PA Amish Country Farmhouse Wedding Photographers}

Finally the big day arrived!  Not just for Abi & Darrell… of course it was a big day for them!  But also for me and Ben… we’d been anxiously looking forward to this wedding since we announced that it was the winner of our Free Wedding Giveaway contest one year ago.  It’s always a little nerve-wracking working with clients you’ve never met before, since so much of the success of the photos lies in how well we all click, but Abi and Darrell felt like old friends right away and were so kind!

Here’s their contest entry in case you missed it…

Why Marietta, Pa?… because it totally rocks!  It’s beautiful farm country where you can actually find space without artificial light at night and be able to look up and enjoy the stars.  It’s only a short 15 minute drive to Falmouth where you can enjoy the annual goat races.  Hershey Park, the sweetest place on earth, is also a comfortable 30 minutes away.  If you’re in the mood for a romantic hike or a picturesque setting Chickie’s Rock State Park is only a stone’s throw away.  These are only small tastes of the local culture and if you are in the mood for history, art, politics or a great zoo or aquarium Baltimore, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Washington D.C. are all nearby.  It is also very convenient that there are several International Airports on hand to jet off for business or pleasure.  I firmly believe that all the reasons make Central Pennsylvania and excellent place to live.  (And I’ve lived in 5 States so I’m not completely partial:)  )

Our wedding will rock for several reasons.  Our love is well seasoned.  We have been together for 3 years now.  We know each other and  know that  the rest of our lives won’t be a fairytale, however we want to grow old together and enjoy parenting the two best kids ever together.  Our wedding will also be awesome because we have the best friends ever.  We have been so fortunate to be able to stand by and care for our friends in good and in bad and in return they would do no less for us.  This will be a mostly DIY wedding.  We are blessed with many helping hands.

Christian and Grace are my totally rockin kids.  My son will be 11 at our wedding and my daughter will be 7 1/2.  The wedding that we are planning will actually not be just a wedding, but the official forming of a family.

I can tell you why Darrell rocks~ he rocks because he has made me feel worthy of  love.  He has made me feel that it is okay to invest in myself and my children.  He has taught me that the only one that I need to impress with all the details of my life is myself and that the opinion of others is just that “their opinion.”  Also because he works 60 hours a week for a pittance and does it to support myself and the kids.  I can tell you why Christian rocks~  because he is the most kind and loving 9 year old boy ever.  And he gives the best compliments ever.  He talks about how beautiful his Mom is and how much he loves his little sister.  I can tell you why Grace rocks~  because even before she’s done eating her french fries at McDonald’s she offers to share them with Christian.  And because she is the Mommy to the 3 kittens we rescued in June.  Why do I rock?~  Mostly because I am so blessed.  But maybe because my family is my focus.  Maybe because I work 40 hours a week and then Monday night is Girl Scouts, Tuesday night is Boy Scouts, Wednesday night is Church and the weekend is family time.  I love my family:)and will run the kids around until they don’t think that I’m cool anymore.

Their ceremony was held in the yard of their friends’ farmhouse... one of those friends a bridesmaid, and one the officiant… how sweet!  There were many awesome farm/antique touches throughout, it was easy doing the detail shots 🙂  Allyson, the woman of the house, has an awesome design blog called The Motley Mongoose… check it out!

Abi was just beaming all day… she looked amazing!  Her hair and makeup was done by Fetch Beauty, based in NJ… awesome work!

Love these next two shots Ben grabbed of the flower girls working on pulling rose petals for their baskets…

Abi’s maid-of-honor (on the right) is actually the brains behind an awesome craft blog called…. Grosgrain Fabulous  … check it out here right now if you don’t already know it!

Love this next set… Darrell gives Christian a pocketwatch on the left and Grace looks on as her mom gets dressed on the right…

Really?!  Aren’t they a GREAT looking couple???

Ceremony – Farmhouse of friendsThe Motley Mongoose Blog

Reception – Perfect Settings

Hair/Makeup – Fetch Beauty

Wedding Coordinator – Distinctively Yours {Johari A. Barnes}

Grosgrain Fabulous Craft Blog

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  • Kathleen Frances - Crystal,
    The pics look AMAZING! I’d love to post some on Grosgrain and gush about you;) Would it be okay if I posted some on my page and linked to you?ReplyCancel

  • Daisy - Hi Crystal,
    I was wondering the same thing! Could I have some pics for my FB page and blog?

  • Amanda Mathes - I just wanted to thank you SO very much for the copy on this blog! The pics are TO DIE FOR! You made our work and of course the couples hard work all flawless! Would you be open to sending me these photos to use on our new site we are building? It will be our Bridal exclusive site which will be called- Posh Elite Beauty. Your work will be all credited. I’d so appreciate it and should you end up this way again, PA, NY, NJ and need an artist give me a ring. I would love to work together again.

    P.S. May the roads treat you kind on your continued journey.

    fetch beautyReplyCancel

  • Adrienne - beautiful. Amanda and Jessica at Fetch are such rockstars!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) - Those wedding photos were truly gorgeous! I hopped over from Grosgrain. Glad I did. BTW, not sure if you are taking suggestions for places to visit. But, my heart lives in Charlottesville, VA (you’ll love it especially if you liked Boone.) My body lives in Raleigh and I like it but yearn to move back to the mountains and culture in Charlottesville some day.

    Have fun on your journey!

  • Abi and Darrell’s Wedding! | - […] Abi and Darrell had a beautiful wedding that was captured by the very talented photographers at Crystal Gene Photography. Here are some pics from the big […]ReplyCancel

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