Avni + Jason : Engagement Photos Part II – New York City High Line & Brooklyn Bridge

If you missed Part 1 of Avni & Jason’s engagement session at the New York Botanical Gardens, CLICK HERE to view those photos!  For the second day of their engagement session fun, we hit up the High Line, and the cobblestone streets around the meatpacking district before heading over to the Brooklyn Bridge for sunset.  I loved Avni’s outfits for both locations, especially her flowy skirt that she wore on the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was so pretty with all the pastel colors of the city and sky at sunset!  There were so many people, especially being a weekend, but we just went with it and let it add to the energy of the session!  It was also the night of the eclipse, so you can see a pic of it down below too!  Can’t wait for their wedding in April!


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