Avni + Jason – Married in Greensboro, NC {Part 2 of 2}

Remember Avni & Jason’s NYC engagement shoot back in October?  We explored New York Botanical Garden on day 1 of their shoot, and the NYC High Line and the Brooklyn Bridge on day 2.  I have been so excited for their wedding weekend to finally arrive, and now that it has come and gone, I am back with another 2 part photo story from their event!  It was an epic 3 days of shooting all the different events and traditions that make up a traditional Hindu Indian wedding.  Part 1 (posted yesterday) covers day 1 and a bit from the Mehndi party, as well as day 2 which covers the Pithi, Ganepath, Saatak, and Kalvo.  Part 2 covers the wedding day, including the Baarat!  Also, be sure to watch the wedding weekend slideshow below, which has even more photos for your viewing pleasure!




Crystal Genes Photography160402-061322bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-063741_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-061240_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-070657_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-071639bw_stomped


Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-072745_stomped

Crystal Genes Photography160402-075421_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-080617_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-080643_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-080938_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-081012_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-081050_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-083309_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-081610_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-075624_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-082247bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-083358_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-090746bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-091809bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-092311_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-093241_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-093448_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-094333_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-094429_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-095853_stomped
Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-092834_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-101214_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-101626_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-100126_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-101320_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-101956_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-092227_stomped


Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-103038_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-102408bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-111858_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-112445_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-112925bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-113746bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-114623_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-114921_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-121217_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-121412_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-121438bw_stomped
Crystal Genes Photography160402-121757_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-123809_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-115333_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-115512_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-121245_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-124400_stomped

Crystal Genes Photography160402-121441bw_stomped




Crystal Genes Photography160402-142906_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-143131bw_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-144327_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-144642_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-181350_stomped

Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-180703_stompedCrystal Genes PhotographyA160402-181138_stomped


Crystal Genes Photography160402-190909-2_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-193109_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-193627_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-195501_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-202728_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-204229_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-211011_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-211628_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-212407_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-214959_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-215126_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-215320_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-215351_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-221336_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-221521_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-221928_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-222216_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-222740_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-223134_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-223328_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-223933_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-223940_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-224207_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-224702_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-224932_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-230636_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-231409bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-234131_stompedCrystal Genes Photography160402-234700_stomped
Crystal Genes PhotographyA160402-234846_stomped


Audio Visuals (room uplighting, screens and projectors, stage wash, gobo’s, spot lights, pin spotting) – Magic Mike DJ’s

Bride’s Hair – Brittan White

Bride’s Makeup – Joseph Carrillo

MOB Hair & Makeup – Ashley – Updo Studio & Sanam – Asian Divas 

Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup – Amanda – Updo Studio

Cake – Elaine – Edible Artistry 

Catering – Sage Indian Catering

Décor/Floral – Katen Shah

Desserts – Amelie’s French Bakery  

DJ – Magic Mike DJ’s

Plate/Glasses Rentals – PartyMakers

Mehndi Artist – Mehndi by Minal 

Horse for Baraat – Bull City Carriage

Photobooth – Perfect Stillz  

Photographer – Crystal Genes Photography

Videographer – Memories Studios 

Cocktail Table Rentals – Party In A Tent 

Bar Rental – Happy Rentz

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