Bad Shopper {Personal Post}

I have a confession to make.  Erin (my fave second shooter) said that I need to admit it publicly in order to change.  I’ve made it to a few select people before, but now I’m ready to admit it to the world.

I guess.

…I’m a bad shopper.  There, I said it.  As in, I love to shop, too much, hold myself back too often for too long then binge out, can’t make decisions, so i end up buying everything with intent to return the things I finally decide on at a later date , yet never do, kind of bad shopper.

My friend Erin (no, not my favorite second shooter Erin, but another friend Erin) and I have a joke that we enjoy shopping for the life we’re not yet living.  Here’s a picture of me with Erin…

She decided to go back to grad school recently and for a year before she left she was buying all kinds of stuff for the “college life” she’d be living in the future.  At first she was planning to go to Western… the mountains, the hippy cowboys, etc… so I remember helping her pick out the perfect “mountain college handbag”.   Then at the last minute she decided to go back to ECU where she got her undergrad.  That changed everything…climate, style, attitude.  Needless to say, the perfect “mountain college handbag” was returned.

This is how it’s been with the both of us for the past, like, 5 years.  Our trip to Seattle together, mine and Ben’s trip to Europe, her trip to Turkey…. etc etc etc.

I thought I finally had my shopping under control.  I’d go for months without buying a single thing, and then one day I’m on a mission to find something in particular and next thing I know I’m binge shopping.  I pick one thing up I just absolutely have to have and then start stressing out and then talk myself into it and then out of it and then if i’m spending the money i might as well go ahead and pick up a few more things and then I’m in over my head and can’t find my way to the top.

This is what has happened to me recently.  I have been just so dang excited about our future on the road that I’m always on the lookout for good “road trip clothes”.  So, somehow over the past few months, picking up a few cool, breathable, easy to wear & pack & mix & match pieces has turned into this…

I knew it was getting bad when I could hardly see my bedroom floor through all the shopping bags, but I just didn’t have the time to sort through everything until I recently just forced myself to lay everything out and face the facts that I do indeed still have a problem.

So, my solution?  Jennifer.  My bestest friend in the world could help me decide what’s really needed for the road trip.  Since she’s in Chicago, the only way to do this was to take a picture of everything I purchased and let her judgement reign.  Erin, (yes my fave second shooter Erin) also helped out:)

Here are a couple of the faves and keepers…

And yes, you’re allowed to laugh… Ben did when he walked in on this scene too (loud, hard, and for a really long time)…

So, we figured out what I needed to keep and what I could do without and now I think I have more than enough for the road trip.  I’m not going to wear any of this until we leave so I’ll have a fun fresh start since I’ll be wearing it more than I’d prefer… living in the car for 4 months and all.  The goal now is to not buy anything at all until we get back… I’ll keep you updated on my progress!!!

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  • Erin O'Neil - Well Crystal. Congratulations. You have the made the first step and are officially on the road to recovery. I just have one request….can you please re-enact the pose from the far-right picture sometime on your road trip just for me? Same outfit, same pose, some location better than your living room. Looking forward to it!ReplyCancel

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