Bedroom Makeover – Merry Christmas Mom!

Somewhere along the line in the past month or so, I decided giving my parent’s bedroom a makeover would be the perfect Christmas gift for my mom this year.  I had remembered Mom mentioning how she’d like to paint her bedroom green a while back and I tried to talk her into something less expected (every room in their house is very “country” and that is very much their style and they are happy with it, fine)… so while she didn’t seem sold on my idea of modern gray walls, she also never mentioned exactly what color green she’d like.  I decided I’d give her green… but a little more cottage/garden like, as opposed to country sage or forest green.  I started online at Sherwin Williams, using their interactive color tool visualizer.  I found the perfect green, called Sprout… and then went to Home Depot and Lowe’s looking for something better, or even similar, and was let down in all cases… so Sherwin Williams’ Sprout it was!


Once I knew what color we’d be painting, I wanted to plan for some new decor as well but had no idea where to start or what to do.  I decided to start with Pinterest 🙂  I just searched for green bedrooms and after finding these next two, I knew I had my inspiration…

Source : Country Living

Source : Country Living

So, I had my paint color, and I had my inspiration, but I didn’t know what was needed in the bedroom.  I hadn’t really been in their bedroom in a while, and whenever I had it was never for very long.  So, the next time I was there (I think it was Thanksgiving) I snuck in and took some photos (which turned out to be great “before” photos!)

Things I noticed… dark heavy curtains (and why are they tied in knots?), random bed spikes, random photo of dad, outdated ceiling fan, clutter…

Random photo/plaque, lots of brown, messy dresser

Clutter aside, the room was quite bare and boring.  I can remember it looking EXACTLY the same way when we moved in 22 years ago.

Yes, the walls have been that same white for 22 years… and it wasn’t until we started painting that we realized JUST how dirty and scuffy they really were!  Anyway, after many shopping trips, I felt satisfied with the small things I could do to spice it up and make it feel more cozy.

Ben and I drove down to my parents house on Tuesday night and as soon as my mom left the house for work on Wednesday morning, the two of us and my dad got to work and worked NON STOP until she got home a little after 5.  Unfortunately we ran out of paint and had to get another gallon, which involved driving into Wilmington (1.5 hour round trip ordeal).  We taped up everything, dropclothed everything, painted the ceiling, walls, ceiling fan blades, and even the back door.  We called her as she was leaving work and had her go get us all sub sandwiches from Subway and then dad called her again and had her go to the drugstore for aspirin… we needed to delay her for a little longer.  And we finished the final touches JUST as she was driving up the driveway!

Here’s the “after”! Unfortunately I forgot to bring down my camera so these were taken with the iPhone…

New, lighter colored and lighter weight curtains… lighter bedding with regular sized pillows… accent pillows to match the curtains and the frames/artwork…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find suitable ceiling fan globe replacements in the time/budget I had, so for now we flipped over the plastic caneback style blades and painted the gray backsides white.  We removed the bed spikes and added some art and a photo for a focal point and to help tie together all the colors…

We decluttered EVERYTHING and gave a good cleaning all around 🙂

It was just a few minor changes, but I’m extremely pleased with the results and both mom and dad were also really excited about it!  Yay, Merry Christmas!


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