Bryan Family {Hoyt Arboretum Portland OR Family Photographers}

For this session we headed out to Hoyt Arboretum for some shots of the Bryan Family. It was a crisp day with  a few clouds but we still had a great time goofing around in the park. The tree they are sitting in is one of my favorite for taking pictures in the park! The way the light hits it is perfect, defiantly worth a visit. Here are some of my favorite photos from the session:


Crystal Genes Photography140406-181703_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-182359_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-182442_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-182520_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-182606_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-182657_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183244_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183258_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183404_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183411_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183411bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183532_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183552_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-183828_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-184051bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-184424_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-184838-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-185015_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-185107_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-185455_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-185819_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-190055_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-190435_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-190527_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-191055_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-191323_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-191408_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-191609_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-191814_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140406-192012_WEB

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