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Road Trip 2011 – Greenville, SC – Days 99 & 100

From Chattanooga we headed for Greenville, SC.  I was helping my friend Erin O’neil shoot a wedding on Saturday

Road Trip 2011 – Chattanooga Tennessee – Day 98

I always wanted to visit Chattanooga because I imagined it would be a lot like a cross between Asheville and Boone. 

Road Trip 2011 – Holly Springs, MS to Chattanooga, TN – Days 96-97

From Bentonville we didn’t really have a plan.  We knew we had to be in Greenville, SC by Saturday to shoot a

Road Trip 2011 – West Texas to Bentonville Arkansas – Day 94 & 95

From Austin, we stopped through Dallas to test out a Westin Heavenly Bed Mattress that Ben’s parent’s

Road Trip 2011 – Austin Texas – Day 92 & 93

After miraculously surviving the deadly lightning storm in Marfa, we headed to Austin.  We’ve seen quite a few

Road Trip Posts Coming to an End

Yay!  I know most of you are probably happy to hear that!  LOL, it’s gone on for far too long 😉  But, it’s

Mommy Group – Baby Photos {Hugh McRae Park Wilmington NC Babies & Kids Photographers}

I think this is the last overlooked photo session that didn’t get blogged before our trip.  So, without further

Road Trip 2011 – Marfa Texas, El Cosmico Campground – Day 91

I first heard about Marfa through a blog written by a group of 16 women photographers who take trips together when

Road Trip 2011 – Santa Fe New Mexico – Day 90

We started the next morning in Santa Fe with a nice long walk. This was our couchsurfer’s home… He had a

Road Trip 2011 – Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado – Day 89

Antelope!!! On the way we stopped at a little thrift shop and found some records we just had to have.  Only a couple

Sneak peeks of things to come…

Wow!  I can’t believe I haven’t updated the blog in over a week and didn’t even realize it! Last week

Road Trip 2011 – Denver Colorado & Mt Evans – Day 87 & 88 Part 2

We also visited Mt Evans while we were  near Denver.  Actually, we went in search of Mountain Goats, but once I learned

Road Trip 2011 – Denver Colorado – Day 87 & 88 Part 1

From Moab, we stayed overnight at Ken’s Lake Campground.  I went swimming in the lake in the morning and then we

Baby Gabrielle {Ivanhoe NC Kids & Babies Farm Photographers}

Here is another session that somehow slipped through the blogging cracks and was completely overlooked before we left

Kristy & Andy – 10 Year Vow Renewal {Fort Fisher Carolina Beach NC Wedding Photographers}

This Summer I received an email from Kristy wondering when we’d be back from our trip and if we would photograph

Road Trip 2011 – Moab, UT Arches National Park – Day 86

We stayed in Ten X campground just outside the South Entrance of the Grand Canyon and the next morning had to go back

Road Trip 2011 – Grand Canyon – Day 85

From La Posada we drove through the Grand Canyon just in time for sunset and some cheesy self portraits of the

101 in 1001 update {personal post}

I can’t believe that it’s been 1001 days since I first wrote this list!  It seemed like 1001 days would

Road Trip 2011 – Winslow, AZ & La Posada Hotel – Day 83 & 84

Back in 2007 I think it was, Laura Manzare and I planned to go to Las Vegas to WPPI.  It was our first visit to

Baby Chloe {Hugh McRae Park Wilmington NC Babies & Kids Photographers}

This cute session is another one that should have been blogged back in April before we left for our Summer

Our Engagement Photos – By Tracy Turpen Photography

While we’re recently on the subject of our wedding preparations, I don’t think I ever posted our engagement

Life After the Road Trip {Personal Post}

So, adjusting to life after the Road Trip has been an ongoing process.  Obviously, since I failed to notice that I

Katie & Elliott Married – by Erin O’Neil Photography

Okay you guys!  My little brother’s wedding photos are now up on Erin O’Neil’s Blog so click here to

Road Trip 2011 – Sedona AZ to Meteor Crater – Day 82

After we left Scottsdale we drove up through Sedona to see the Red Rocks.  It was a little absurd that you had to

Amber & Tim – loveshoot {Wrightsville Beach NC Wedding Photographers}

Getting ready for the road trip at the beginning of the year was a little crazy.  I realized recently that there were

Katie & Elliott – A.K.A. : the first wedding I’ve attended in over 10 years as a guest

Most images in this post are courtesy of Erin O’Neil Photography… check her out here! 

Road Trip 2011 – Colorado River to Scottsdale, AZ – Day 80 & 81

We left Joshua Tree and headed to the next closest town to find camping.  We finally found it, naturally around

Road Trip 2011 – Niland, Slab City, Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park CA – Day 79 – Part 2

After exploring Slab City, we headed North just a little ways farther and decided to try to get closer to the Salton

Katie Photos – My New Sister-in-Law – Fort Fisher Carolina Beach Bridal Wedding Photographers

Today my baby brother is getting married to this beautiful gal!  I’m so excited for them 🙂 🙂 🙂

Road Trip 2011 – Niland, Slab City, Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park CA – Day 79 – Part 1

I first heard about Slab City when I happened upon a website full of photos by photographer Claire Martin –

Road Trip 2011 – San Diego, Beach Cliffs, Balboa Park – Day 78

We finally made it to San Diego and got to spend a little time with Ben’s sister Sarah.  They took us all around

Road Trip 2011 – Hwy 1 California Coast – Day 77

From San Jose we made a very very long trek South along the slow moving coastal Hwy 1.  It was gorgeous, but there was

Road Trip 2011 – Napa, Berkeley, San Jose – Day 76

We woke from our last night in Vallejo and headed up to Napa.  I don’t know if I just didn’t know where to

Road Trip 2011 – San Francisco – Day 75

The next morning we headed into San Fran without much of an agenda.  We took a hike at the Golden Gate bridge, and then

Road Trip 2011 – Santa Cruz – Day 74

From Madera’s Wal-Mart parking lot, we woke and drove to Santa Cruz. I loved Santa Cruz for some reason I

Road Trip 2011 – Mono Lake & Yosemite National Park – Day 73

On day 71 we photographed Kyle and Alyssa’s gorgeous wedding in Minden Nevada.  Afterwards we stayed one more

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