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The Page Family Photos – Bentonville AR Kids & Children Photographers

I’ve been photographing the Page family since I first moved to Charlotte, and if you’ve followed my blog a

Ben and I in San Diego

While we were in San Diego visiting Ben’s sister, we took a few shots of her with her fiance.  She in turn

Road Trip 2011 – South Lake Tahoe, Nevada Beach – Day 71

On the third day of our Travel Inn vacation we decided to get out and check out the lake for ourselves.  Alyssa &

Road Trip 2011 – South Lake Tahoe, Travel Inn & Engagement Session – Day 69-70

After camping in the parking lot in El Dorado, we decided to give ourselves a little vacation.  We had a great coupon

Road Trip 2011 – Fourth of July at South Lake Tahoe & el Dorado National Forest – Day 68

The next day was Independence Day… one reason we’d driven to the area is because we’d heard that

Road Trip 2011 – Reno, NV & Tahoe National Forest – Day 67

After Susanville, we finally made it back into real civilization after being in the forest for what felt like weeks on

Road Trip 2011 – Crater Lake CA & Susanville, CA – Day 66

On our way towards Lake Tahoe we passed a sign in the Lassen National Forest for Crater Lake.  You never know what

Melissa & Matt – Married! {Old Town Scottsdale AZ Wedding & Engagement Photographers}

Melissa emailed me before our trip to see if we would be able to make it to Scottsdale for their wedding date.  I think

Road Trip 2011 – Weed, CA & Mt. Shasta & Lassen National Park – Day 65

Not much to say about any part of this trip.  Mostly just drove through, saw some nice views of Mt. Shasta and then

Road Trip 2011 – Indian Scotty Campground, Klamath National Forest – Day 64

Day 64 we decided to try to make it over to Weed, CA.  Google Maps on the phone gave us directions that seemed easy

Road Trip 2011 – Samoa Boat Ramp Camp & Eureka, CA – Day 63

This map is backwards in it’s lettering, but the route is the same 🙂  We found camp at the Samoa Boat Ramp

Sarah & Michael Engagement Photos – Balboa Park & Beach Cliffs San Diego CA Wedding Photographers

We visited Sarah, Ben’s sister, in San Diego and she and her fiance took us around to their favorite

Road Trip 2011 – Redwood National Park & Forest – Day 62

From Crescent City we drove along the coast and through the Redwood National Park proper.  We stopped for a hike at

Road Trip 2011 – Oregon Caves National Monument to Redwood National Park – Day 61

After waking up in the scenic rest area, we headed to Cave Junction and decided to take a tour of the Oregon Caves

Surprise Marriage Proposal at Balboa Park, San Diego California

While we were visiting Ben’s sister, Sarah, and her fiance in San Diego, California, they took us to Balboa Park

Road Trip 2011 – Crater Lake National Park – Day 60

From the Bend area we headed a little farther South to check out Crater Lake National Park. As you can see, Crater

Road Trip 2011 – Bend, OR – Day 59

From Corvallis, we headed over to Bend Oregon because we’d heard it was a nice place.  We arrived to find a town

Road Trip 2011 – Portland & Corvallis OR – Day 58

We left the campground and headed back into Portland to give it a little more exploring.  We started with the Saturday

Road Trip 2011 – Portland, OR & Zigzag Mount Hood Village Camping – Day 57

We checked out of Wilsonville and headed back into Portland.  We drove around a while looking for the happening areas

Family Photos in Mariposa Grove Yosemite National Park {kids photographers CA}

Somewhere along the way of the road trip, we got an email from Kiki asking us to come to their part of the world for a

Road Trip 2011 – Drive to Portland – Day 56

We spent quite a while getting up and moving and packed up in Nehalem, and then we stopped several times on the way to

Road Trip 2011 – Happy Birthday Ben! Cannon Beach & Nahalem Falls Campground – Day 55

We originally planned to be in Portland for Ben’s birthday, but since we spent an extra day in Seattle, we were

Road Trip 2011 – Forks, WA & Olympic National Park – Day 54

We woke up from the Falls View Campground near Quilcene, WA and as we were pulling out my car started chugging.  Oh

Road Trip 2011 – Mt Rainier National Park to Quilcene, WA – Day 53 Part 2

From Tacoma we headed South to Mt Rainier National Park.  We started out in the park with a short little loop trail

Road Trip 2011 – Tacoma, WA – Day 53 Part 1

On our way out of Seattle, we finally got a chance to stop by Piroshki on 3rd for a delicious Piroshki.  When we

Road Trip 2011 – Seattle, WA – Day 52

We decided to stay another night in Seattle.  I really really really wanted Seattle to be “our city”.  Ben

Alyssa & Kyle – Married! Minden Carson Valley NV Wedding & Engagement Photographers

We left the Lake Tahoe area and headed for Carson Valley for Kyle & Alyssa’s wedding in Minden, NV.  They

Road Trip 2011 – Fremont Summer Solstice Parade 2011 – Seattle, WA – Day 51

When I found out we would be in Seattle for the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade, I was really excited!  Ever since I saw

Road Trip 2011 – North Cascades National Park & Seattle, WA – Day 50

50 days!  That’s a lot of days to keep organized in your head all the things and places you’ve seen!  The

Road Trip 2011 – Lake Chelan, WA & Silver Fox Campground Ardenvoir, WA – Day 49

After Spokane we headed to Chelan for Kellie & Mason’s engagement session. The drive to Chelan was very

Alyssa & Kyle – Engagement Photos – South Lake Tahoe Valhalla & Camp Richardson CA Wedding Photographers

We’ve officially & well crossed the 2 month mark for being on the road, and we’ve gotta say,

Lisa & Allen – Engagement Photos {Seattle WA Wedding Photographers}

We were super excited to meet Lisa & Allen for their engagement session in downtown Seattle!  Seattle is such a fun

Road Trip 2011 – Spokane, WA – Day 48

From Superior, our next stop was Spokane.  We went through the panhandle of Idaho too!  I thought Idaho was quite

Road Trip 2011 – Missoula, MT & Trout Creek Campground Superior, MT – Day 47

Since we stayed at the co-op in Bozeman until they closed, we decided to just camp for the night in the Wal-Mart

Road Trip 2011 – Bozeman, MT – Day 46

We considered staying in Yellowstone another night, but it was so cold and rainy we decided to just head on to

Kellie & Mason – Engaged! {Lake Chelan WA Engagement & Wedding Photographers}

When we drove into Chelan from Western Washington, and I saw the lake sitting up on a cliff like a bowl full of water

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