Coo Coo for Hot Cocoa…the Kind You Eat with a Fork, Food Photography {thoughts from the intern}

One quirky thing you may not know about me is that I love hot cocoa….when I say love, I mean an almost relentless obsession for that piping cup-o-chocolaty liquid goodness!  The South is known for it’s more temperate climate, but that doesn’t stop me from stirring up a cup even on the most humid of Summer days.  Just as the cool winds have started to nip at my nose, I thought this would be a more appropriate time for some recipes most folks (not me of course!) would associate with the cooler weather.

So I know you are reminiscing and debating amongst yourselves as to why I would have added a fork comment in the title when all I have raved about is traditional hot cocoa, well my friends, argue no more!  I have not lied to you.  I just discovered another hot treat this past weekend for all to enjoy.  It is still chocolaty good, goes in a mug, and is heated in the microwave.  The difference is the state of matter this concoction is in.  Instead of a liquid, this treat is a solid!  To make it more appetizing, this treat is cake…yes microwaveable cake.

At first, I was a little skeptical.  But then I was brought back to my easy bake oven days and remembered baking a chocolate cake in a toy, so surely it was plausible one could bake a chocolate gateau in the microwave as well.  Ahhh technology, once again you have outdone yourself.  In respect to Crystal, I attempted a flourless, sugarless, version.  The results were not very appealing.  I have spent the past week attempting to revamp the recipe in hopes of taking a masterpiece out of my microwave.  In my last attempt, I substituted a diet hot cocoa mix (not exactly sugar free but close enough!).  Through all these trials, my SOS even asked me “You’re not going to post the recipes are you?”.  LOL, so the recipe below comes with a warning, if you dare to try it.  I also took a few stabs at the “regular” microwave chocolate cake recipe.  It was much more tasty, of course.  You can’t expect it to be just like the real thing.  But if you close your eyes, and just pretend you’re on your 10th chew, instead of your first, it really is pretty good.  The melted semi-sweet chocolate chips don’t hurt either!

You can try the basic flourless  & sugar-free recipe Here Although I pretty much butchered it, trying everything from melted light butter, to light sour cream, to hot cocoa mix as substitutes for other ingredients.

The basic recipe may be found Here

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

Intern Becky

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  • crystalgenes - Becky, I tried the basic sugar/flour free recipe last night as a chocolate fix while watching toy story 3 with Ben and I thought it was yummy:) I just used plain cocoa (not hot cocoa mix) and agave instead of splenda. I’ll be making it again for sure! CrystalReplyCancel

  • crystalgenes - Actually, I have 1 egg left in the fridge… I think I’m going to make it right now! This time I’m going to add my Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips too… yummmmmmmy:)ReplyCancel

  • Hannes Uys - There is nothing like a choccie fix to put a smile on a face! 🙂ReplyCancel

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