Corey & Phil {Parkersburg WV Couples & Wedding Photographers}

Corey and Phil were one of my first 10 weddings ever 🙂  They’ve since become quite good friends of ours!  Phil’s parents own a lot of the old houses in Parkersburg, WV (where Phil grew up), and offered the couple their pick of the crop if they ever wanted to move there from Charlotte.  According to Corey, they chose the one that would need the most work!  But they had a vision for it and have been hard at work getting it there over the past year.  I have been looking forward to visiting them for who knows how long, and finally that day came!  Their house is so awesome… one of the coolest things about Parkersburg in my opinion is all the unique huge old houses.  Corey has also been talking about having some portraits of the two of them as a married couple for several years now, so it was a perfect time to capture them in their new hometown.

Oh, and check out that building!  You might think that’s a college… but it’s Phil’s old high school!  It was HUGE!

And finally, here you can see Corey & Phil’s house in the background!  One of the few things they have left to do is paint the wooden siding and then you’d never know that it was ever a major fixer-uper 🙂

We also went into the upstairs part of an old house that’s in the family that hasn’t been lived in since the first world war. A lot of people have stored various things there over the years… newspapers from the 70s, old clothes, and apparently Ben came across 2 purple hearts but somehow I missed out on seeing those while taking a few more shots of the couple.

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