Crystal Genes and Nikon Rain, Read More to Find Out What the Heck I am Babbling About This Time… {thoughts from the intern}

I’m no business major, but I certainly have picked up a thing or too from this intern gig.  The thing with running your own business, as Crystal Genes does, is that there is never nothing to be done.  To translate that double negative, the work never ends!  Besides taking pictures there is so much that goes on behind the scenes.  Advertising comes in many forms such as updating the blog…(or getting interns to make posts LOL), creating a Facebook page, getting business cards printed, updating Twitter status, signing up for expos, and paying for a vendor spotlight on certain wedding sites.  Then there is all of the processing of the images, including artistic edits, converting to jpeg, exporting to CD’s or the web, sending pictures off to print, and of course delivering the products to the clients.  There is plenty I did not even list and already it’s making me dizzy.  Organization and time management skills are key in being able to update everything.  It’s crazy how much the topics you learned in those Freshman Seminar courses start to creep back into your life!

The joy of being in the business of photography is that it is not necessarily work.  Crystal is very passionate about what she does and with every little task she completes, it allows her to extend her time doing what she loves.  I am learning that you can only get out what you put in.  You could have all of the talent in the world, but if you don’t market yourself and educate yourself on the financial aspects of the business you cannot be successful.  I cannot imagine putting so much work and time into building up my business in Charlotte, and know in the back of my mind that I am moving somewhere new very soon(who knows yet?!).  I suppose being in the biz for 6 years will certainly help Crystal jump start her photography in the new city much faster than before.

Like with anything new, you learn along the way.  Learning is one part, the second and more important part is application.  I am extremely confident in Crystal’s ability to take what she learned starting out in this business and being able to apply it to planting her roots somewhere new.  She is ahead of the game in my opinion, and her new city better watch out.  I am very excited as this year winds down and she approaches her Road Trip 2011 City Hunting Extravaganza!   It is just the calm before the Crystal Genes storm.  She’ll just rain that Nikon goodness on someone else’s turf.

Well have a fantastic photo filled day everyone, till next Friday…

Intern Becky

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