Road Trip 2011 – Day 33-36 – Amish Country & Marietta PA

After NJ, we headed down to the Amish Country for Abi & Darrell’s wedding festivities!  We treated ourselves to our second hotel stay the first night in Pennsylvania.  It smelled like fresh cow patties all over town.  No joke!

Here’s the second Crystal Cave we’ve passed since we started the trip.  The girl at the desk was named Crystal too.  No, we didn’t take the tour of the caves… they looked a lot like Linville Caverns in NC.

The next morning, we drove all over Amish Country checking out the scenery and tried to find the perfect quilt.  I find it really difficult to find the “perfect” quilt… I’ve been looking for years.  I did find a few I liked a lot but were way out of my price range.  The ones that were in my price range just didn’t call my name at all.  One day I’ll find “the one” 🙂  Any suggestions on other places to look for the perfect quilt are welcome… just leave me a comment below if you know somewhere!  I’ve heard that the Amish people don’t like their photo taken, so I get really nervous taking any… therefore most of these aren’t really blog-worthy, but I wanted to show something more of the sights!

I’ve eaten twice my weight in strawberries since we’ve been on the road.  I don’t know why, but since we started driving I just crave strawberries all the time.  So, when we drove by a little roadside produce stand, Ben treated me to some Amish Country Strawberries.  My word.  I have never had strawberries as good as those in my life.  I didn’t know it was possible for a strawberry to be that juicy without being bad… but my fingers were stained and I finished the whole carton within the hour.  I see many trips to Amish Country for strawberries in my future!

The next few days were spent relaxing (I spent one morning in the backyard soaking up some sun) and working with Abi & Darrell.  They were so nice to find us an empty house to stay in that was in the family of some friends of theirs.  So, instead of camping for several days, we had an entire house to ourselves!  Score!  We thought it was pretty interesting that we were staying pretty close to Three Mile Island (the nuclear plant that had the meltdown in the late 70s) so we grabbed a shot of it.

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