Road Trip 2011 – Day 39- St. Louis, Missouri

From Louisville, we headed over to St. Louis, Missouri.  A lot of Ben’s family is from the area, so we actually scouted out his grandmother’s home.  It was nice getting to see where he spent many getaways and holidays with his family out of NC when he was growing up.  After spending a bit of time around his old stomping grounds, we headed for the St. Louis arch.  We walked around the park for a while, went down to the flooded Mississippi river and watched a snake slither around the sidewalk area, and then headed off to our couchsurfing host’s place, Jeff.

Here’s Ben and I in front of his Grandmother’s old home…

The neighbor across the street is the same as when his Grandmother was living there.  We said hello and I took this shot of a cicada sitting on his shoulder.  I have NEVER seen or heard so many cicadas in my life.  You couldn’t open the car door without them flying inside or landing on your clothes, and even roaring down the interstate you could hear their high pitched buzz .  Crazy!

The arch was a lot bigger than I expected it to be.  It looks big from the air and from the highway and from photos, but when you’re actually standing there under it, it’s enormous!

Our couchsurfing host Jeff is a full time local artist and had a cool little flat.  He has actually inspired us to start unplugging all our appliances when we finally have a house again.

Our rating of St. Louis compared to Charlotte.  Charlotte being a 0, +3 being definite contender for our new city…

Ben +2

Crystal +1

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  • abi - They have a cicada festival in Mt. Gretna, Pa every 7 years. If you guys come back through this area you will have to check out Mt. Gretna as is is a very campy and interesting area. Also in High School Youth Group my group of friends had a code for discussing kissing boys and it was cicada. Also wondering you use a timer to take the pictures of You and Ben?ReplyCancel

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