Do you visit dozens of blogs a day? Then you should be using RSS!

If you visit more than a handful of blogs a day and aren’t using an RSS reader then keep reading!

If you know what I’m talking about, then move ahead to the next item on your reader cause there’s nothing new here 🙂


If you are like I was about 3 years ago, then your morning looks something like this:

Get your coffee, sit at your computer, open your bookmarks folder and A. open each website/blog in a zillion tabs or B. open each one, one by one by one, until you’ve read them all.  It could take hours.  And you’ve probably forgetten to bookmark sites and find yourself searching for those as well.

Well no more!  There is an easier way.  It’s called an RSS reader and you can find a ton of different reader options here.  When you have a blog open that you love to read, you should see somewhere on that page or in the web address bar of the browser, this symbol…

When you click on that symbol, the blog you are reading is automatically added to your reader!  Then, all you have to do is visit your reader to see all of your favorite blogs all in one place!


I use Google Reader because I already have an account since I use Gmail.  If you use Gmail then at the very top of the main page you should see a tab that says “reader”.  Click there, otherwise, click here:) and get started!

Heres what my reader overview looks like (you can see a portion of the photography blogs i follow on the left, but I also have other categories, like news & food & wedding blogs, and i can keep them all organized neatly and catch up on reading at my leisure… it also makes it super fast to look back in the history and find a post you want to revisit)…

When you click on any of those titles, the post opens up below with all the images just as it would on that person’s regular website.  You can scroll down and read them all or leave some unread for later, or go ahead and mark them all as read if have too many and don’t know where to start!  😉


Hopefully this little lesson will help some of you.  I’m constantly shocked when I meet people who don’t know about this wonderful little tool… so, go ahead and spread the word too!

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