Gretchen + Michael : Married at Lost Lake Resort Mt. Hood {Portland OR Wedding Photographers}

Who has missed my blog posts?!  Anyone??  If so, leave me a comment and let me know you still want to see content!  I’m still here and shooting all the weddings, just focused a bit more time to other media areas the past few months… but I’m back to catch up!  So be ready for a wave of wedding awesomeness, it’s been a great year, and it’s not over yet!  This year my season goes through December, what?!

First up we have my dear friends Gretchen and Michael.  They were married at one of my favorite places in Oregon… Lost Lake Resort and Campground, up on Mt Hood near Hood River.  It’s such a beautiful and magical place.  I met Gretchen shortly after I moved to Portland, when I did some work for Urbaca Salon, and she’s been my friend and hair artist ever since!  If you need a great salon, check out Urbaca!  I’m in love with these images, and so happy for these two.  Enjoy!

Crystal Genes Photography170617-195837_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170617-201133bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170617-204442bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170617-212915_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170617-213738_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-094924_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-125246_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-133339_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-133556_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-140521_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-142007_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-142958bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-144153-2_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-145222_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-145242_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-145426bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-150145_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-151837_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-152021_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-152027_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-152712_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-152825_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-153205_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-153409_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-153624_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-153904_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-154038_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-154437_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-154506_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-154702bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-154731_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-154908_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-155205_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-155239_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-160304_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-170111_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-170705_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-182640_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-185409_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-185428_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-192804_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-194233_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-194545_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-194642bw-2_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-201007_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-202449bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-210928_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-211919_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-212415bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-212633_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170618-220027bw_stompedCrystal Genes Photography170619-165734_stomped

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