Katherine & Justin – Engaged! {Rainy Portland OR Engagement Photographers – Hoyt Arboretum Photos}

Katherine & Justin are getting married in Pennsylvania next Summer, which is where they live!  They love to travel and love exploring new cities, so they decided to come out to Portland for their engagement shoot rather than have me go to them!  It was the perfect rainy afternoon 😉  We started the session up at Hoyt Arboretum, which had a great foggy look to it with all the rain… and we even had a cute deer show up for a few pictures!  Afterwards we drove down the hill to the Pearl District for some nighttime shots with the city lights.  I loved meeting these two, they are just adorable together, and I LOVE that they were okay with the rain.  When we chatted about the possiblity in the weeks leading up to it, I was told that Justin said rain would be even better.  Perfect!  I can’t wait for their wedding at Holly Hedge next year!


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Crystal Genes Photography141024-180643abw_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography141024-180611_WEB


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