Katherine & Justin – Married at Holly Hedge Estate {New Hope Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers}

I’ve been looking forward to Katherine & Justin’s wedding since they booked last year.  Then got even more excited after they visited Portland for their engagement session!  Finally the big weekend came and I headed off to New Hope Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) for their wedding day at Holly Hedge Estate.  It was such a beautiful venue!  The day threatened rain all day, and even though the ceremony was moved inside last minute just in case, it held off until late into the reception.  Robb and I had such a great time working with everyone at this wedding!  And I also got to see one of my past favorite couples, Molly & Bobby (Katherine was a guest at their wedding several years ago)!  Be sure to watch the slideshow below for loads of photos and to see the full story of their day (including some video clips captured by Robb), and then scroll down to see some of my most favorite images from the day.  And be sure to LIKE me on Facebook to see even more photos in the coming week 🙂



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Ceremony & Reception Venue – Holly Hedge Estate

Band – Franklin & Alison Orchestra

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