Kristin & Dan – Married at Hotel DeLuxe {Portland OR Wedding Photographers}

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for what seems like FOREVER, and it did not disappoint!  I knew after photographing their engagement session last year that these two were going to have a beautiful and very thoughtful wedding, with lots of fun details.  See part 1 and part 2 of their engagement photos here 🙂  Kristin & Dan had their wedding day festivities at Hotel DeLuxe, a fun old-Hollywood glamour boutique hotel in Downtown Portland.  They were married in The Screening Room, and their reception followed at Gracie’s Restaurant.  Everyone got ready in the hotel, and then Kristin & Dan had a “first look” by the Timbers staduim.  Get this guys… Kristin surprised Dan by having musicians play and sing The Lumineers, Ho Hey song during their first look!  It was so sweet!  All their friends and family gathered around to watch them see each other for the first time of the day.  There were tears everywhere.  I’ll quit writing a novel and just let the photos speak for themselves!  This was such a great day and great family!  Many hugs and wishes to Kristin & Dan 🙂

Watch their slideshow here for the full story of the day (with video by Robb Cummings Media… be sure to watch his blog for when their full wedding day film is revealed!) and then scroll down for my favorite images of the day.



Crystal Genes Photography140816-115949_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-122228bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-123616_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-124507bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-124803bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-125437bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-125539_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-130341_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-131428bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-132219_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-133359_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-133429_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-140419bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-140452_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-140514bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-141235_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-141540_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-142306_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-145537_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-145704-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-150515_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-150601-3bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-150746_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-150903 copy_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140816-152726_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-154925_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-155340_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-161801_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-161904bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-163055_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-163455bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-163843bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-164626_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140816-152144_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140816-164814_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140816-152117_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140816-165816bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-170409_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-170558bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-171610_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-172009bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-174002bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-182049_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-192154bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-194110bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-194043_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-194657_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-194605_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-195342_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-200149_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-200656_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-200719_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-201956-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-202100_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-202416_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-203450-2bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-205417_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140816-210536bw_WEB

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