Lawrence Family Portraits at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden- Portland OR

Awww, here’s one of my favorite families 🙂  And I’m not just partial because it’s my boyfriend’s sister & fam!  Little Hazen is just so adorable and the most mellow kid I’ve met.  Seriously, these were the easiest 2 year old portraits I’ve ever taken.  We headed down to South East Portland for a session at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens which is prettiest this time of year when all the azaleas and similar plants are blooming pinks and purples.  It was a perfect sunny Spring day.  Enjoy!

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  • Sarah Lawrence Anderson - Love it! Need some of these in prints. Auntie Sarah and Uncle Jon just think Hazen is so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Sue Lawrence - Wow! Every picture is wonderful!ReplyCancel

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