Leila & Joe – Married at Youngberg Hill Vineyards {Portland OR Wedding Photographers}

When I first met Leila & Joe (and their pup Sadie) over Skype, it was nighttime here in Portland, and they were having their first coffee of the morning in their living room in Singapore.  They were the cutest and I wanted to be their friend!  I loved all their ideas for their wedding day, especially how they would be incorporating both Chinese and Hawaiian traditions into the day to reflect both of their cultures.  So I was beyond thrilled when they chose me to document their wedding day!  They both did an amazing job planning and dreaming up the perfect day even though they currently live on the other side of the globe.  Not a detail was missed or out of place.  There was a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, Leila’s parents covered her with her veil, and the couple ate Tang Yuan, a sweet egg dish that brings sweetness to the marriage.  During the ceremony, Hawaiian Leis were given and worn by the couple and their parents.  It was so beautiful, and of course Leis always smell amazing!  With roots also in Portland, and a love for fine wine, they chose Youngberg Hill Vineyards in McMinnville for their venue and it was gorgeous.  But enough talking… go look at these photos!  To see a ton of photos, check out the slideshow right below, and then scroll down to see a handful of my favorite from the day.  And if you want even more to look at… Like my Crystal Genes Photography Facebook Business Page and there will be even more posted there in a few days 🙂

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Ceremony & Reception Venue – Youngberg Hills Vineyard, McMinnville, OR

Photographer – Crystal Genes Photography

Videographer – Steady State Studios

A Capella Group – The Portland Timbre

DJ – Silicon Forest Entertainment

Hair Makeup – Austie Eckley

Flowers – Island Girl Floral Design

Cupcakes – Saint Cupcakes

Officiant – Steve Sharp – A Beautiful Ceremony NW

Tent/Rentals/Catering – Willaby’s 


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