Life After the Road Trip {Personal Post}

So, adjusting to life after the Road Trip has been an ongoing process.  Obviously, since I failed to notice that I didn’t update the blog for the past week or so!  The blur that was this Summer is finally starting to settle in and we’re starting to talk about the places we wished we spent more time and are now making lists of where we will be vacationing in the future 🙂  The first one on the list is South Dakota, yes, the state where I almost stepped on a rattlesnake.  Ben’s been talking about SD nearly nonstop since we left the state so we’ll definitely have to revisit.

We are pretty sure we’ve decided where we will be moving to as soon as we can (and no, it’s not SD), but we’ll at least be staying here, in the booming metropolis of Jacksonville, through the end of this year.  Detect my sarcasm?  😉  There’s not even a health food store here.  But, there is a huge muscadine grapevine in our back yard!


Sitting in the car for so long has made us really lazy, so we’ve been trying to run every evening at sunset, and I’m getting better!  I would love to be a runner, as I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before, but I just give up way too early.  Ben’s good at pushing me along, so we’ll see where this goes… as long as he doesn’t give up first.

I’ve also slipped up on my no sugar no flour diet and, you guys, it’s rough.  I feel like I can never get enough sleep and I feel weighted down and bloated all the time.  TMI?  Oh well, not eating flour made a huge difference in my energy levels and my overall mood.  It’s just so hard to maintain, especially when you live in a town that has no grocery options.  But as soon as this bag of flour tortillas and box of oatmeal squares is empty, I HAVE to go back to cutting it out again.  I just felt tons better without it.

But, on the upside, this Summer has helped us both to refocus and regroup.  And, I’ve had plenty of time to work on updating our website (coming soon!).  Plus, we’ve been able to really enjoy our engagement (that’s right, did you forget we got engaged in February?!)  I know I haven’t really talked about it here since all of our blogging this Summer was about the Road Trip (and we still haven’t finished blogging the last few weeks of the trip)… but I’m planning a wedding update post for the next day or so, so stay tuned 🙂

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