Margaret, Molly & Jeff – Summertime Photo Shoot! {Q6 Model & Talent – Pacific Northwest Portland OR Photographers}

In the midst of my busiest time of year and possibly my busiest year ever, it can be really difficult to find the time or energy to shoot for fun.  Of course I enjoy all the shoots I have!  But it’s really refreshing to go play around without any expectations or deadlines!  So, when my awesome intern Becca presented the opportunity to schedule a fun shoot with Margaret and Jeff of Q6 Model & Artist Management & Margaret’s gorgeous sister Molly, I squeezed in some planning, coordinated with Zach Nanson at Urbaca Salon for his hair and makeup talent, and we headed to the Sandy River on my one day off this month!  I had so much fun with these three and I’m so excited to share some of my favorites 🙂

Crystal Genes Photography140709-183306-2_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140709-181612_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-181942_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182329_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182401bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182509_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182551-2bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182554_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182628_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-182631bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-183351_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-184232_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-184312_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-184651_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-185016_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-185024-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-185139bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-185603_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-185818bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-190148bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-190326_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-190345bwa_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-190620bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-190834_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-190946_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-191125a_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-191135a_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-192139_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-192153-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-192525-2bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-192618_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-192658_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-192709bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193156_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193215a_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193231a_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193307abw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193515_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193636_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-193657_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-194402_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-194429bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-194505_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-195450_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-195700_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-195718bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-200816_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-200920_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-200944_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-201050_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-201146_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-201221_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-201526_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-201857_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140709-202452b_WEB

Crystal Genes Photography140709-202032_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-202122a_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-202254a_WEB

And another shout out to Zach at Urbaca Salon… didn’t he do a fabulous job?!  Thanks Zach!

Crystal Genes Photography140709-135741bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-141847_WEBCrystal Genes Photography140709-145246_WEB

Hair & Makeup Styling : Zach Nanson – Urbaca Salon

Models – Margaret (Q6 Models), Jeff (Q6 Models), Molly

Photographer – Crystal Genes Photography

Assistant – Becca Keithley 

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