Mary & Jeff – Married at Camp Zanika Lache Leavenworth {Lake Wenatchee Washington Wedding Photographers}

When I looked up the venue that Mary & Jeff had chosen for their wedding day, I think I squealed!  I love love love Summer camp venues, especially those in the Pacific Northwest, so I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph this day.  They were married at Camp Zanika Lache just a couple of hours from Seattle, but about 5 hours for me in Portland!  It was such a beautiful drive up to the Lake Wenatchee / Leavenworth Washington area, and the smoke from all the wildfires was still lingering low in the air.  Mary & Jeff got ready for their day in separate wooden cabins, and then had a first look on the lake shore.  The ceremony overlooked the lake, where guests sat on giant logs around a little stage.  It was so adorable.  The smoke made the lake and mountains look so romantic, and of course we took some photos with a canoe.  The reception was in the dining hall, which the couple had incorporated and decorated with some of their favorite things; Harry Potter, National Park posters, Dr. Who and Star Wars.  Be sure to watch the slideshow right below to see a ton of images from their day (and a little video too!)… and then scroll down to see a handful of my favorite images from the day.  Oh and check out and LIKE the CRYSTAL GENES PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE to see an album with even more images that you can download and share in a few days!



Crystal Genes Photography150823-140115BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-143714_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-144732_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-150733_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-151121_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-152946_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-153406_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-153438BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-155708BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-160039_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-160737_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-160932_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-161328BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-162504_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-162718_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-163258_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-163322_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-163456_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-163624BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-163841_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-164103_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-164237_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-164403BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-164654_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-164823_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-165204_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-165449_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-165706_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-165909_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-170131_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-170408_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-170459_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-170713_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-170849_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-170949_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-172028_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-172524_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-172644_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-173315_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-174344BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-174447_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-174541_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-182407_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-182842_stomped

I loved that this table played Head’s Up while waiting for dinner.  On a side note – this guy, who lives in California, is in a band I’ve been following for like 5 years, and who I went to see play last year when they came through Portland… so it was like a random celebrity sighting for me!  You know, I always think I recognize people at weddings, but I’m always wrong, so it was really neat that this time I was right!  Check out their website hereyOya  and here’s a link to a video that I still love that first got me listening.


Crystal Genes Photography150823-183215_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-183638BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-184013_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-184020_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-184546BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-184618_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-184643_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-184924BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-185354_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-190028BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-190412BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-190826_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-191138_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-191505BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-192835BW_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-193236_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-194650_stompedCrystal Genes Photography150823-195259BW_stomped


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  • Eileen Gustavus - Mary, Jeff. What beautiful memory photos. Brought tears to my eyes seeing the joy you express as you look at one another. Everyone had such a wonderful time celebrating with you. Love you, Aunt EileenReplyCancel

  • Beth Pierpont Harris - What a beautifully captured wedding! Fantastic job! Stunning bride!!! <3ReplyCancel

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