Meet the Newest Member of the CGP Family!

If you’ve been following our blog or Facebook for very long, you’ll for sure recognize this adorable face:

Why do you recognize this face?  Well, for one, she married Ben and myself, so if you saw our wedding photos here, then you also saw her.  Two, we’ve been friends since Middle School.  Three, she’s the reason I started photographing weddings to begin with.  Four, she was my very first assistant photographer ever.  Five, her mom makes the best egg rolls in the universe and anyone from where we’re from will tell you the same thing.  Oh, wait, I’m getting off topic, that has nothing to do with why you might recognize her.  Or does it… we’re actually only friends because of the egg rolls…

I kid, I kid…

Well, now you can get even more used to seeing this face around… and the name that goes with it is Tola.  I invited Tola to join our team a few months ago and couldn’t be more excited for what she’ll bring to the family!  She’s super talented, creative, spunky, enthusiastic, and energetic.  And the best part is, wherever we go, so shall she 🙂  So, half the year in NC and half the year in Portland?  No problem!

Now our freezer will be full of egg rolls FOREVER!

Stay tuned for a guest post from Tola in the coming days, and be sure to leave a comment below welcoming her!

Do you have a question you’d like to ask Tola?  Ask her anything by clicking this link, and she’ll be sure to answer it in her upcoming blog post!


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