Melissa + Shaun : Married at Tolovana Beach Wayside {Ecola State Park & Morris Fireside Wedding Photographers}

I think Melissa & Shaun had the best weather of 2017 so far, with their gorgeous wedding at the Oregon coast.  Seriously, the day was beautiful.  Not too cold, so sunny, with blue skies and fluffy clouds.  And they looked pretty amazing themselves!  We started at Ecola State Park for their first look and a few portraits.  Melissa’s parents were there to help, and encourage crossing safety barriers and such lol 🙂  There was so much laughter, it was great!  Then we headed to the other end of Cannon Beach for the ceremony on Tolovana Beach Wayside.  Closer to the water it was actually freezing, so I arrived to all the guests huddled together for warmth.  It was adorable.  Finally, after the ceremony everyone headed over to Morris Fireside for an intimate dinner reception in their cozy fireplace room.  Congrats you two!!!


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Crystal Genes Photography170506-172342_stomped

Crystal Genes Photography170506-171303_stomped


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