Molly + Adam : O’ahu Hawaii {Eternity Beach & Spitting Caves Portrait Photographers)

Last month my friend Kelly and I flew down to Honolulu for a little sunshine (although it’s been a very mild winter here in Portland).  We stayed with one of my brother’s best friends, Adam, and his too adorable girlfriend Molly.  They live pretty much right at the base of Diamond Head, and a few minutes from Waikiki.  It was such a refreshing and relaxing trip and we had such a great time with Molly & Adam.  They showed us around to some of their favorite scenic spots and I took the opportunity to photograph them!  We started with portraits at Spitting Caves which was gorgeous.  Molly and Adam are both great at yoga and broke out into some partner yoga poses.  They made me so nervous in some of the poses, being so close to the edge of the cliffs!  Afterwards we headed to Cockroach Cove aka Eternity Beach.  These two are such a great looking couple, I could have photographed them all day.  It helps that they were silly and fun 🙂

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