Moloney Family {International Test Rose Gardens Washington Park Portland OR Family Photographers}

What makes for a successful afternoon?  Blue tutu’s, trendy stripes, a rose garden, and one sweet family!  For this family  photo shoot at the International Test Rose Gardens in Washington Park in Portland Oregon, the Moloney family showed us their sweet and fun side while prancing in the grass and getting lost in the garden.  It was a day to stop and smell the roses!  The Moloney’s were such a delight and easy to work with which shows in the photos below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Crystal Genes Photography130904-182601 (2)_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-182819_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-182930-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-183317_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-183437_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-183611bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-183702_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-183824_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-184037-2_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-184122bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-184346_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-184845_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-185155_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-185910_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-190104_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-190347_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-190521_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-190716bw_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-190936_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-191034_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-191522_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-191657_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-191912_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-191926_WEBCrystal Genes Photography130904-192246_WEB

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