Ms. Avocolate Moose, Ms. Understood, Ms. Au Natural, Ms. Oh So Good for Me! {thoughts from the intern}

So you love chocolate eh? What about pairing it with some peanut butter? How about adding a hint of ground coconut flakes? And don’t forget to start with the avocados!  Say whaaat?!  Did I lose you already? This ain’t your Panther’s party guac dip, its your gluten free, sugar free, raw, creamy dessert that will please and tickle your taste buds.  Just check out the delectable snapshot with the ever elusive and coy Ms. Avocolate Moose herself.

Yeah, she knows what’s up.  Packed with a symphony of nature’s goodness but she gives the hand to those no good refined sugars and instant over-processed quickie packs.  She’s all raw baby!  And let me tell you, once you go avocolate, you won’t go back.  There’s something extra comforting about buying earth grown ingredients that no black and white nutritional label on a box can provide.

Of course you don’t want to be “that guy” that doesn’t bring “that dip” to the party, so turn that Grinch colored fruit meat into something much more decadent and perhaps refrain from revealing your ingredients until after the praise to the chef. 

We took great care in detailing each step in the process just for you, precisely how we did it.  Have a go at your own interpretation.  It’s surprisingly very yummy and probably the creamiest most pleasant texture I have ever tasted….seriously!!!

Avocolate Moose, as told by Becky and Crystal

Start with 1 large mixing bowl then  add…

2 under ripe avocados on the larger side (warning: use ripe ones when available)

2 Tbs ground coconut

1/4 Cup + 2 quick shakes of the container of cocoa to taste (we used Ghiradelli)

8 swirls of agave

4 swirls of honey

5 Tbs heated maple syrup

1 heaping spoonful of natural peanut butter…and a little bit more

1 pinch of salt

1/2 of what’s left of my pure vanilla extract container (1/2 tbs?)

Puree it all up

Add 4 more swirls of agave

Add 2 swirls of honey

Puree it up again (we used a braun hand blender)

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