Natalie + Joey : Married at Castaway {Downtown NW Portland OR Wedding Photographers}

I knew Natalie & Joey were going to have a fun wedding when I learned that their wedding weekend involved a big celebration kickball game the day before.  They were married at Castaway in the industrial NW area of Portland, which is one of my favorite wedding venues in the city!  Their ceremony was held outside on the patio between Castaway and the nursery next door, which is such a great mixture of textures, colors, greenery, and architecture.  Perfect Portland 🙂  I loved that they incorporated the PDX airport carpet into their table decor for their reception too!  It was such a sweet day brimming full of love, and I’m so glad I was able to be there to document the day for them.  To see a ton of photos, be sure to watch their slideshow just below, and then scroll down to see a handful of my most favorite images from the day.  Want to see even more?  Like my Crystal Genes Photography Facebook Business Page and see more when their album posts in a few days!



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