Officially Introduced and Inducted {thoughts from the intern}

Hi, I’m Becky.  Can you believe it?! I have already been working with Crystal Genes for 1 month and 2 days as of today.  To celebrate such a special occasion I am finally posting the first of many light hearted, semi informative, hopefully humorous, {thoughts from the intern} posts!  Excited?!  Me too!!  I majored in photography and graduated from the same school as Crystal.  No…we didn’t know each other, and it’s just too bad!  I am looking to learn as much as possible about the photo biz from connecting with fantastic clients all the way through getting those gorgeous prints delivered to you. I’ll keep you “posted” (…haha get it?) along the way.  Below are a few shots from our literally 10 minute photo shoot during an office day.  Isn’t she amazing? (Crystal I mean!)

After several road trips, sun drop runs, raw chocolate cake making, realizing I am a “mosquito magnet”…and oh yeah, a few photo shoots, I’ld say I have officially been inducted as Crystal Genes’ intern, so quit pick’n on me all ready!  The last few weeks have flown by.  We have been super busy meeting all kinds of fun and wonderful people all while giving them something they can treasure for a lifetime, fantastic photographs!

For me, photography is a medium of frozen moments.  From moments too far back to remember, to a single image that floods your mind with endless stories and emotions.  Once that shutter snaps, you can always look back and say, “My mother looked beautiful on her weeding day”, “That’s still the first and only fish I’ve ever caught”, or “So happy those stirrup pants stayed in the 90’s”.

Crystal is so talented in bringing out the personalities of all her clients.  By the end of the photo sessions everyone feels like old friends, the kind of friends you friend of Facebook, and then write silly messages on their walls every once in a while.

My apologies for the bug-eyed stunning look above.  I tend to make awkward faces a lot and Crystal tends to shoot me when I make awkward faces…a lot!  What a great team we are.  Here’s to more where these came from.


Intern Becky

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