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We were super excited to be the photographers for Sabrina & Wille’s wedding in Puerto Rico last month.  One of the biggest perks of being a wedding photographer is the travel opportunity!  This was the first time Ben or I had either been to any sort of tropical destination and it didn’t disappoint!  The beach was just gorgeous, the sunsets were unreal, and the people were all very friendly.  Unfortunately the island is very much in love with meat… so we didn’t have too many options in the way of vegetarianism 😉  The first night we went on a quest to find some good Puerto Rico food that we could eat and after stopping by a couple dozen restaurants, and an hour later, we finally find a menu with some authentic vegetarian versions.  We sit down and plan on a feast with leftovers to take back to the hotel and when the waiter came to take our order we found out that they were all out of the option we wanted.  The best food we had was at the wedding itself… they had some awesome tostones and very delicious yucca. :)  Yay!

The first night on the island Ben and I were lounging in the hammock outside and we noticed a lot of commotion going on at the shoreline.  It looked like a bunch of guys were trying to tug something out of the ocean.  We got nosy and watched for about an hour, these guys trying to pull out their boat that had become stuck in the waves and currents.  They brought out three different vehicles total to try to tow the boat onto the shore, but the waves just beat it around and tires spun.  When they tried to take the boat back out to sea, it would just fill up with water from the waves.  Finally, they tried to turn the boat to face a different direction before towing it out.  Bad idea.  It almost immediately flipped.  We watched for a while longer as they tried to get it to flip back upright, but it seemed like a lost cause.  We finally went back inside the hotel.  3 days later we were on the beach and we saw the underside of the boat peeking out from the waves… obviously they had not succeeded in their efforts.  About 10 minutes later some guys come up pointing to the boat and looking anxious… then they start waving to a boat in the water that is carrying about a dozen guys… a few of the guys jump out and swim to shore carrying long ropes.  About 10 guys trying to flip it, 30 minutes, and the boat tugging to sea at the same time was what it finally took to turn it back over.  Then 3 guys got in and started bailing out all the sand and water before it was finally light enough for the boat to rescue it!  It was a happy ending to a mystery that came and went as we did.

After we laid out on the beach a while, I wanted to what looked like the far tip of the beach we were on.  I thought we could walk all the way there on the sand, so we took off… I was only wearing a bathing suit and no shoes at all.  We got almost to the end and were blocked by rocks… so we walked up to the street and completed the journey via sidewalk.  There were broken glass bottles everywhere, but I decided to risk it to find out what was at the end.  When we crossed the bridge over the river we could hear loud spanish music blaring from the shacks on the beach below… so we kept going and eventually came to a little colorful beach where the drinks were $15 dollars cheaper than the hotel, and a little more excitement:)

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