Road Trip 2011 – Day 12 – Madison & Milwaukee, WI

We arrived in Madison and it seemed the city was under major construction.   The main downtown streets were all dug up and driving around was a bit stressful.  It seemed also like mostly a downtown full of chains and a college.  We didn’t get any kind of vibe to stay and explore.  We did find a parking spot on campus right next to the lake, so we made some peanut butter sandwiches and watched the students walking around before heading on out to Milwaukee.

We took a detour to go to Crystal Cave, but unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there:(

The dairy barns dotting the landscape of Wisconsin was really scenic…

And of course, we had to find some curds!  I’m so glad we found some, they were so delicious and squeaky! :)

We got to Milwaukee and weren’t really feeling it there either, but Ben heard about a cool bar/restaurant called Safe House, check it out… and if you’re ever in Milwaukee it’s definitely a must see!

The whole bar is spy/espionage themed.  The place is even hard to find as it’s in an alley and isn’t marked except for in code.  When you enter the door, you are in a small little room with a bookcase and some weird “clue” style decor.  Finally someone comes on the speaker and asks for the password.  Of course we can’t tell you what it is!  Then the bookshelf swings open and you find yourself in the bar.  They encourage you to walk around and explore the two floors of the place as there is lots to discover.  It was really fun!

There was a little hole in the wall at about thigh level with a big sign that said something clever I can’t remember…. when you bend down to look in the hole you see a video screen and the camera is pointed at your ass that is sticking up in the air, lol:)

We didn’t really do much else here, so we called it a day and headed on to Chicago a bit early.

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