Road Trip 2011 – Day 9 – Iowa & into Minnesota

We had breakfast with my brother in Bettendorf and then headed straight for Minneapolis.  One of the balances we are trying to find with this trip is to travel to our destination leisurely enough to experience the attractions on the way without getting to our destination after dark.  It’s really hard!  It feels like we’re either rush rush rushing or going too slow that we end up feeling stressed and irritable having not reached our destination by the time we’re ready to pass out.  But I guess we still have 3 months to figure it out!

We really took our time getting to Minneapolis.  We stopped several times in Iowa.  First, on a long dirt road where we took a ton of photos (I took mostly film photos so you’ll have to wait for my images)… and then again when we went off the beaten path to try to get up close and personal with one of the HUGE wind turbines that dot the landscape.

We found Taco Johns, and now we’ll go out of our way to go to Taco John’s over Taco Bell any day!  Not only is it cheaper, it’s fresher tasting, AND on Tuesdays the tacos are only 69 cents, score!

Here’s a shot of our back seat boondocking set up when all the boxes and bags of canned food are put in the front seat:)  I plan to do a better post of the inside of our car eventually to show the full set up and the awesome job dad did building it for us, but it’s too messy and chaotic most of the time… maybe when we camp for a few days in one place I’ll get that going for you guys!

Again, we didn’t make it to the city before dark, so we drove to a state park and utilized their parking lot.  It was a little creepy it was so dark and when we shined the flashlight out behind where Ben is standing in this shot below, you could see about 20 deer just grazing.  He tried to get close to them at one point and they all took off towards the woods, but never disappeared completely.

The next morning I woke up before sunrise to pounding rain drops, black skies, and thunder and lightning.  It was pretty frightening… but finally passed long enough for us to get the car set back up for driving once again without getting wet!

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