Road Trip 2011 – Austin Texas – Day 92 & 93

After miraculously surviving the deadly lightning storm in Marfa, we headed to Austin.  We’ve seen quite a few dust devils on this trip, but this was one of the best shots I was able to get since the dirt was a little darker than most.

We saw these really awesome deer things… they were so graceful

The speed limit signs in Texas actually posted 80… the fastest we were able to drive the whole trip.  It was over 100 degrees in Austin and our couchsurfer said he couldn’t remember it raining in over 8 months.  Many of the rivers, streams, and creeks we drove past were completely dried up.  It was pretty sad.

Ben’s one request for Austin was to see a show at The Alamo Drafthouse.  Apparently he’s wanted to go since he was like 11 years old, so we went.  We saw Attack the Block, which was awesome, and had beer and wine and a plate of hot fresh cookies.

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