Road Trip 2011 – Boston, MA – Day 27-28

So.  From Lowell we drove into Boston.  Panic!  Driving in Boston is the worst we’ve ever encountered anywhere.  By the time we found our couchsurfing host’s place we were ready to high tail it right on out of the city.  In fact, our host had to talk us into prying ourselves out of the car outside of his place and into coming inside and relaxing for a minute before heading to the closest state park at 10:30 at night.  Luckily, we did because we decided to stay and Boston really was quite beautiful once we got out to see it.

But, not only was driving awful… so was parking.  The first night we had to park nearly a 45 minute’s walk away and had to move the car in the afternoon for rush hour.  We spent a good 2 hours combing the surrounding areas for a new place we could park for the second night.  Luckily, with the help of a sympathetic resident who noticed us looking frustrated, directed us to a safe place.  Here, right beside our parking spot, we also met a couple from Colorado who we chatted with for quite some time and received some great tips on places to visit in Colorado and New Mexico!  Should have grabbed a photo of them, oh well!


So, finally, after a whole night and half a day in Boston, we jumped on the subway (our ride courtesy of said awesome Colorado couple… thanks!) and headed into Boston proper.  We walked around the waterfront, relaxed on the lawn of the Boston Common, and inquired about sailing lessons.  Unfortunately lessons are only available to those in the city for 30 days or more… no two hour or half day overview lessons.  I guess I won’t be marking that goal off my 101 in 1001 list anytime soon :*(

Boston is definitely not a city for people with cars.  Their public transportation is awesome, and it’s a city full to the brim with young professionals which is a plus for us young people 🙂

Our rating of Boston compared to Charlotte.  Charlotte being a 0, +3 being definite contender for our new city…

Ben +1

Crystal -1

At first I was going to give Boston a 0, being equal to Charlotte, but honestly I think I’d prefer Charlotte, so I had to drop it down a notch.

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  • Dina @ Honey + Fitz - Ouch! Boston is my hometown and I LOOOOOVE it so but I can definitely understand how it would be difficult to manage for an out of towner. It’s a great, GREAT city though, you just need to learn all the little tricks the locals take for granted…yknow like where certain streets are 😉 We’re not big on signs in Boston!ReplyCancel

  • Coleen - Crystal, I went to Boston University and loved every minute I lived in Boston, but you cannot judge the city by a beautiful June day. If you think traffic is a nightmare now, experience it when there is three feet of snow on the ground for the true descent into parking hell. If you want to see a beautiful place, visit my hometown, Newport, RI. It is 90 minutes south and east of Boston. It is a standout beauty in an area replete with it. I recommend going on a week day if you can. Also recommend the 10 miles Ocean Drive, Gooseberry Beach and the newly opened Irish History Museum on Thames Street where you may find my parents, Grace and Jack, volunteering! Let me know if you go, and I can get you parking and a place to stay. Namaste and happy trails! — ColeenReplyCancel

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