Road Trip 2011 – Colorado River to Scottsdale, AZ – Day 80 & 81

We left Joshua Tree and headed to the next closest town to find camping.  We finally found it, naturally around midnight… right on the Colorado River.  Of course, we couldn’t really tell where we were in the dark, but when we woke, it was really beautiful.  And apparently we weren’t the only ones to think so.  The river is so blue and slow flowing, that every 2 minutes starting at sunrise, a large power boat would zoom by, usually towing someone on skis.  So much for a peaceful morning here.

We headed into Scottsdale for an engagement session with Melissa and Matt.  It was 110 degrees this day and even the dogs were jumping in fountains to cool off!

Melissa had the hookup since she works for a hotel in Scottsdale, so we traded our session for a hotel stay… thank goodness for not camping in 110 degree weather!

Ben had mentioned a few times that he needed a haircut, so I made him a surprise appointment at Art of Shaving so that he could get a really nice shave and a hair trim.  I told him that was the plan but when he got out of the shower right before the appointment apparently he just wasn’t thinking because he started shaving straight away.  Doofus.

They gave him a do like he’s never had.  It was pretty funny looking to see on him since he has pretty much the same hair all the time.  Nevertheless, although they styled it crazy, that was just temporary.  The cut, however, was the best he’s ever had.  He looked so handsome 😉

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