Road Trip 2011 – Crater Lake CA & Susanville, CA – Day 66

On our way towards Lake Tahoe we passed a sign in the Lassen National Forest for Crater Lake.  You never know what you’re gonna find or how far you’ve gotta go when you try to follow these National Forest roads, but we thought it might be fun to check out ANOTHER Crater Lake and we did have those rafts we bought back in Bend that we needed to get some more use out of.  After a very long drive up an extremely bumpy dirt road we came to Crater Lake California.  It was perfect.  Super clear and clean and a few people picnicking around.

We floated like this with our books for quite a while.  I started feeling sunburned and went back to shore and started getting chased by giant bee things.  Finally it was too much when one insisted on landing on me.  I started screaming and running.  Keep in mind, in this crater-like area of the mountain-top, my voice echoed loud and clear so I got the attention of everyone in the park.  I finally had to run into the water and go under to get the thing to go away.  I had managed to keep my head dry until this point and had also avoided the grassy muddy edge of the lake pretty well.  But when bee things are chasing me, all that grossness goes to the wind and I jumped right into the minnow filled muddy edge with my shoes on and created quite the scene.  People were laughing at me very audibly for the next 5 minutes!  At this point I didn’t care how crazy I looked since Ben had the car key and had floated to the complete opposite side of the lake.  I started screaming at him to “come right now!”  What felt like an hour later he finally made it back.  I stood completely still in one spot the whole time waiting for him, ready to jump in again if need be.  …

… that little white speck way off in the background is Ben.  Can you see how far he floated?

After this, we found a campground somewhere in Susanville, but since I didn’t take any photos of it that I recall, I can’t rememeber anything about it.  Oh well.  Such is life on the road when you’re camping at a new spot every night for weeks on end.

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