Road Trip 2011 – Crater Lake National Park – Day 60

From the Bend area we headed a little farther South to check out Crater Lake National Park.

As you can see, Crater Lake was just breathtaking.  I hope you have all been enjoying our cheesy self-timer photos:)

After Crater Lake, we drove through Klamath Falls just to check it out.  It wasn’t all that, so we started looking for a campground.  We had a really difficult time finding one for some reason and at one point we drove the wrong way and ended up in California prematurely so we backtracked for a bit.  Finally I found a promising place in the Rogue River National Forest at the Hart-tish Boat Ramp Camp and Recreation area.  It was slightly (about 45 miles) out of our way, but the forest camping website said they had free wi-fi, so we were dedicated to the drive.  We arrived after midnight and were trying to figure out where to park and where the self-pay station was and couldn’t really figure either out, so we tried to hop online for the info and a guy on a scooter came out of no where and basically asked us very rudely to get out.  I was so tired and completely taken aback by his hostility in a place that’s suppose to be a public land.  He told us we could park up the hill and pointed vaguely.  So, we drove back out the direction we drove in until we were at the toop of a small hill with a large empty parking lot.  Ben pulled into the lot and said, “this must be it” when the scooter policeman came out and yelled at us to get out now.  Uh??? What???  Did you change your mind?  You said we could park in the lot on the hill.  Apparently he meant completely out of the recreation area and back down the highway the “way we came from” which I still don’t know how he knew which way we came from anyway…. to a rest stop which he insisted would be “perfect”.  Yea dude, a rest stop sounds like a perfect place to feel safe and get some sleep when there is a perfectly empty parking lot right here we are more than willing to pay for.  Geez.  This was the worst experience we’d had with anyone period (camping or not) on our whole trip.  It was unsettling.  I wish I’d screamed out that his fly was unzipped or something cheezy like that just for a little satisfaction of my own.  The rest area wasn’t actually so bad except for the random loud trucks going by and the huge group of guys who showed up to fish early the next morning…

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