Road Trip 2011 – Day 10 – Minneapolis & St Paul Minnesota

Of all the places we’ve been so far, Ben and I both really enjoyed Minneapolis.  I loved the landscape and the city and the feel of the place.  It’s too bad it’s so cold there for more months of the year than it’s not.  And apparently it’s not just a little cold, but a “crack an egg in the air and watch it freeze before it hits the ground” kind of cold.

I’ve been wanting to go to a drive-in movie for years and years.  When we passed this one on the interstate driving in, we knew we’d have to go!  They play 3 movies in a row starting at dusk.  We weren’t that interested in watching the first one, “Fast Five”, but we also didn’t feel like staying out past 11pm… so at least we got the drive-in experience!

The Stone Arch Bridge and mill works damn/waterfall was pretty!  We were lucky to have such awesome weather while we were there.

Here were two of the 3 couchsurfers who hosted us in the city, and their house.  They were great hosts!

Our rating of Minneapolis compared to Charlotte.  Charlotte being a 0, +3 being definite contender for our new city…

Ben +3

Crystal +3

So, I’ve decided I’m not going to base my initial rating of places on their weather.  I’m going to rate the cities based on how much I liked them for what they are and then afterwards, put them all in a pot and figure out which one is the best based on the weather at that time 😉

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