Road Trip 2011 – Day 42 – Badlands, SD – Prairie Dogs!

The whole morning in our campground I heard all these weird bird noises, but only saw one or two birds.  I assumed the birds must be small and hiding in the grass.  I even mentioned to my mom on the phone that the birds sounded really weird, and she agreed saying that she could hear them through the receiver.  Just as we made it out of our campground’s immediate area, a little furry thing ran across the road in front of us and I asked Ben to identify it.  After looking around us, we realized we were completely surrounded by prairie dogs… and they were all chirping!  LOL 🙂  They weren’t birds after all… just literally hundreds of prairie dogs all around the campground.  So, we took quite a few photos of the little guys and then explored the Badlands a little more before heading to Wyoming.

We also saw Goats…

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