Road Trip 2011 – Fourth of July at South Lake Tahoe & el Dorado National Forest – Day 68

The next day was Independence Day… one reason we’d driven to the area is because we’d heard that South Lake Tahoe had one of the best firework shows West of the Mississippi.  So, we made our way SLOWLY down the lake to the South Shore.  There were so many people vacationing here it was really slow moving as there were not only RVS & other vehicles, but hundreds of people walking, biking, and running across the road everywhere you looked.  Crazy!


We finally made it to the South Shore, we found a shady area in a parking lot, cooked up some veggie chicken and rice, and then hung out in a coffee shop until time to see the show.

We thought there was gonna be a riot when the show started cause some jerk got in front of everyone and just stood there blocking the view.  So rude.  People were asking him nicely to sit down and he just pulled out his phone and took a picture and then turned AWAY FROM THE FIREWORKS and started texting, facing the crowd.  It was so incredibly rude.

The show was pretty good, but I still prefer Wilmington’s show.  The fireworks were pretty over the water but they looked so far away and didn’t seem to last very long.  Even in Charlotte you’d get that fake finale and think it’s over but then the real finale would happen.  Nope, as soon as the finale looked final, people bolted and we almost got trampled waiting for the real finale to happen.


We waited for the mad traffic to disperse and then we headed down to the el Dorado National Forest and park camped at the entrance to Blue Lake campground which was closed due  to snow.  The parking area was quiet enough and we had a great view of the stars.  Ben spent a while taking some photos of the stars… he gets all the credit for these below!  🙂  So pretty.

I won’t be missing vault toilets at all at the end of this trip.  I don’t ever want to visit another one if I don’t have to.

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