Road Trip 2011 – Holly Springs, MS to Chattanooga, TN – Days 96-97

From Bentonville we didn’t really have a plan.  We knew we had to be in Greenville, SC by Saturday to shoot a wedding with Erin O’neil, and I knew I wanted to see Chattanooga at some point, but we had one or two days of wiggle room in there and had several options for which direction to take when leaving Arkansas.  Finally we decided we’d head down into a bit of Mississippi on our way to Chattanooga.  I’ve always wanted to see Mississippi, but with the heat, I was sort of willing to pass it up, but I guess Ben knew that I’d regret it so he suggested that route on my behalf I’m sure.  We got into town after dark and pretty much went straight to the national forest in Holly Springs.  WooHoo!  A cheap National Forest Campground, with hot showers AND real flushing toilets???!!!  Yes please.  We had almost the entire campground to ourselves, most likely on account of the heat.  But it was nice.  Driving through Mississippi the next morning was interesting.  I’m drawn to it in some strange way, as though I lived there in a past life or something.  I loved all the Antebellum style houses and big open fields… you could just feel the history, but on the other hand you could tell it was a state full of poverty, so of course there is no way we could live there at the moment, plus Ben feels completely opposite about the whole state so I guess we’ll have to compromise.

I didn’t take any photos in Mississippi, at least not that I remember or can find on my memory cards.  Oh well, we were tired and hot and ready to come home, so whatever.

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