Road Trip 2011 – Indian Scotty Campground, Klamath National Forest – Day 64

Day 64 we decided to try to make it over to Weed, CA.  Google Maps on the phone gave us directions that seemed easy enough to follow.

We turned onto a mostly dirt forest road that looked a little shabby, but our blue dot on the phone insisted it was correct so we kept driving.  Ben has better pictures of this journey, but he’s working on his own blog for this trip and you’ll have to wait for them.  Anyway… this was the scariest drive we’ve taken all Summer.  Not only was the road only wide enough for one car, but half of the road was crumbling away on the edges and there was no shoulder or guardrail to save you from the sheer bottomless drop off the edge.  If another car had been coming around the curves at the same time, we’d be the ones to go off the edge!

So, we’re driving along, hoping the road doesn’t crumble off the cliff from under us…. we’re dodging huge boulders that have fallen from the mountain above… and then we come to a huge tree across the road.  It’s been cut just enough for one car to get through.  This, by the way, is the only part of the road where there is not a sheer drop off the edge.

We pass two more trees of this sort, and several more large boulders.  We’re moving along and haven’t passed a single car in 7 miles.  Only 9 more miles to go.  We start picking up speed and see the top of the mountain so we assume the worst is behind us.  Then we hit this.  Well actually we barely missed hitting this, thankfully.  If we’d hit this wall of sloping snow we’d have slid right off said cliff.

This wall of snow would also explain why we didn’t see any other cars on our way up.  Thanks google maps.

So, it’s getting dark and we now have to turn around and backtrack.  Instead of making the 16 mile trek over the mountain to Weed, we now have to go up about 45 miles and back down another 45 miles, so it’s campground finding for us.  But wait!  We might not make it off this mountain because we’ve forgotten to get gas all day…

But, luck was on our side.  We knew there wasn’t a gas station for at least an hour from the direction we’d come before the forest road, so we went for the unknown.  Luckily we passed a man in the street at a T intersection.  Apparently one way leads to running out of gas and the other way leads to a gas station in about 14 miles.  We chose 14 miles and then found a nice camp ground at Indian Scotty.


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