Road Trip 2011 – Lake Chelan, WA & Silver Fox Campground Ardenvoir, WA – Day 49

After Spokane we headed to Chelan for Kellie & Mason’s engagement session.

The drive to Chelan was very different.  The landscape of North East Washington was much different than I expected.  In many parts, if I had just woken up, you could have told me we were in Arizona and I would have believed it.  It was also interesting seeing tiny little milling towns dotting the landscape.  Some areas were just gorgeous with huge rolling hills that were bright green… little farmhouses way off the road with yellow fields all around (canola).  I never found a good spot to stop to take a photo of the farmhouses… but you can imagine 🙂  Other areas were fields full of piles of rocks… Ben says the rocks are probably from the glaciers that went through ages ago and the farmers probably just piled them up to get them out of the way… but they were everywhere!  Piles and piles and piles of rocks.

And then we could see Lake Chelan… this was the best shot I could get of the lake since we were on a really windy canyon road in which the speed limit was 60 and there was barely a shoulder.

Hills around Chelan…

Kellie and Mason tipped us off to a great campground in the Wenatchee National Forest called Silver Fox Campground.  It was way out in the middle of absolutely no where, but it was really nice and again, on the water!

Numerical Mountain is a tradition of Entiat High School… the classes paint their years on the face and apparently try to cover up previous years…

This is a shot near our campground… See the waterfall on the side of the mountain?  This is the view someone has in their backyard… I’m standing in their front yard 🙂

And no day is complete without some fresh fruit!  We stopped back through Chelan for some of their fresh cherries.  Chelan grows a lot of cherries, apples, and grapes.

Our rating of Chelan compared to Charlotte.  Charlotte being a 0, +3 being definite contender for our new city…

Ben +1

Crystal +2

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