Road Trip 2011 – Marfa Texas, El Cosmico Campground – Day 91

I first heard about Marfa through a blog written by a group of 16 women photographers who take trips together when they can and post about their adventures.  I always thought Marfa looked really cool, so even though it was a bit out of the way, we went for it anyway!

These weird rainstorms dotted the horizon of West Texas…  Ben got caught in one while exploring an abandoned building…

We stayed at the El Cosmico campground in Marfa Texas, on a tip from some couchsurfers there who weren’t available to host us.  It was a fun campground, but unfortunately we had the scariest night of our lives while there.  A thunderstorm came through around 3am and woke me up.  Ben was still around the front porch of the main lodge using the internet since he’s a night owl.  The lighting and thunder were so intense and rain was coming through the door flaps that we had tied back.  I was almost too scared to reach my arms out to close the doors.  Once I did I was completely blind to anything happening outside.  Every second or so the whole tent would light up from lightening and booms were sounding all around.  I kept checking the phone for the radar and watched the red move closer and closer to Marfa.  Finally the forecast changed from scattered thunderstorms to DEADLY LIGHTNING, written in all caps on the forecast.  Great!  We are in a tent in the middle of a completely open field in a deadly lighting storm and I’m all by myself, who knows if Ben hasn’t even already been struck out there.  Finally around 3:30 he came back and found me underneath pillows sitting crosslegged with my head between my knees and one arm behind my back, crying.  Yes, I’d been researching lighting strike positions.  So, I felt a bit calmer with him back, apparently he had been taking photos of the lightning when he realized it was getting a little too intense to be standing out in the open.  I’ve never heard thunder roll for as long or a loud as I had that night.  It would be comical if you’d heard it roll for that long in a movie.  And the lighting was so intense it was literally blinding us inside the tent.  The next morning everyone in the whole camp was talking about how they didn’t think they were going to live through it.  Phew!

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  • Jenn - was just looking for other experiences people had in Marfa (how I came across your blog) because we just visited a few weeks ago and I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it. Your pictures are lovely and the experience at el cosmic sounds like a nightmare! Good for you for finding your dream city. We are living in an rv taking a year long road trip and we are open to moving as well. Although we do love our hometown. 🙂ReplyCancel

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