Road Trip 2011 – Missoula, MT & Trout Creek Campground Superior, MT – Day 47

Since we stayed at the co-op in Bozeman until they closed, we decided to just camp for the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot with the 5 dozen or so other RV & car campers:)  We made a trip into the store to finally buy some scissors and supplies to finally cut & install the curtains I bought for the windows.  After we got the curtains all up on the windows, we watched an episode of Game of Thrones on the laptop.  It was very cozy.  I like car camping in case you haven’t been able to tell!

I also really liked Missoula!  It was pretty, but I didn’t like their downtown area as much.  We did have a nice hour and a half walk along the river though.  All the rivers up here just roar by with so much power!  I’m guessing it’s cause the snow is finally melting?

Our rating of Missoula compared to Charlotte.  Charlotte being a 0, +3 being definite contender for our new city…

Ben +1

Crystal +2

If Missoula and Bozeman could be combined, then it would totally get a +3.


For the  night we found a campground in Superior, MT right on the water… Trout Creek Campground.  Our site, #9, was really nice and private unlike most of the campsites we’ve stayed at on water. I was a little nervous though because the campground hosts told us a crazy story about a ranger who was trying to get a Bull Moose to move out of the road by honking his horn.  The Moose got sick of it and completely totaled the truck, trapping the ranger inside!  So, all night I expected to have a moose attack the tent!

Have I mentioned Ben has become a pro at making our campfires?  The first night we didn’t know how we were going to survive, but now we’ve got fire in no time!  Last night (in Mt Hood National Forest) we had the biggest fire yet… it was still smoldering when we woke up!

I had picked up some gluten free pancake mix from the co-op in Bozeman and couldn’t wait to make them… they did not disappoint!

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