Road Trip 2011 – Moab, UT Arches National Park – Day 86

We stayed in Ten X campground just outside the South Entrance of the Grand Canyon and the next morning had to go back through the Grand Canyon to exit the East Entrance in order to head North towards Utah and Arches National Park in Moab, UT. We got to the park as the sun was setting so we had to make quick decisions on which part we wanted to see most and how quickly we’d be able to get there.  I think we chose well enough by visiting the Windows.  It was really pretty with the setting sun and even though we didn’t get to see the iconic arches, I was happy with the sights we did see while we still had light.  As we were walking back down the trail to the car and it was past twilight, just barely able to see, I walked right past yet another snake curled up under one of the sage bushes.  I saw it out of the bottom corner of my eye as I was stepping past and of course I started running and screaming right away per usual.  It was too dark to see what kind it was and Ben was behind me and couldn’t get past, so with the help of the iPhone video light we were able to light the way and wait for the snake to slither away for him to get by.  Scary stuff.

We camped somewhere called Ken’s Lake Campground and the next morning I took a quick dip 🙂

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  • Emily Heizer Photography - I have never been here as an adult and have been DESPERATELY been wanting to go! Mostly I really want to shoot there. I just think the colors would just really POP out with some post processing and it would just be so different from what I can shoot here… desert landscape has been calling to me!!! I wouldn’t mind going just for the sake of going too though!

    I found you through Grosgrain, and am totally fascinated by your whole road trip thing. I am going through a similar moving thing- or what I would prefer to call a 1/3 life crisis. LOL I need to get OUT of here and I am totally lost. I don’t know what to do or where to go. I went through a major personal tragedy in 2010 and have been ready to leave California ever since but friends and family insisted I wait at least a year. So it’s been a year and now I can’t pick a direction. My top three choices are Colorado, Utah, and Oregon. But I’ve been unable to build up business in any of those places. I’ve tried the hardest in CO, but no luck. This is hard!ReplyCancel

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