Road Trip 2011 – Mt Rainier National Park to Quilcene, WA – Day 53 Part 2

From Tacoma we headed South to Mt Rainier National Park.  We started out in the park with a short little loop trail through the forest.  I loved it.  It was what I always imagined a fairy forest to look like when I was little.  Moss everywhere, huge trees, fun little plants…

After our little hike in the forest we headed on up the mountain to Paradise.  Unfortunately all the fresh snow not only completely blocked the road past the Paradise Inn, but the views weren’t quite my definition of Paradise 😉  We did however, encounter some interesting wildlife…

On the way up, we stopped to check out a fox that was hanging out in the road.  It became apparent after the fox followed us and walked from one side to the other staring at us that he was looking for food.  You’re not suppose to feed the wildlife, and National Parks do a pretty good job making that well known, but obviously many people have ignored this rule.

As we parked at Paradise, I thought I saw a bird fly into the back door of the car.  Ben looked out the window and saw a little bird on the ground.  Ben took some photos through the window thinking that the bird would fly away if we rolled down the window.  So, after a few photos, he did roll down the window.  Immediately the bird jumped up on the side mirror and just stared at us with these eyes that said, “well, what are you waiting for??? feed me!”

So… we did.  Shame.

And then more came to check us out…

Then this cute little bird came bouncing out from nowhere and hopped over to the front of my car…

And kindly started de-bugging it for us!

Afterwards, we drove to Quilcene, WA and stayed at the Falls View Campground in the Olympic National Forest.

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